Artemis Shares: Plant-Based Recipes for You To Try At Home... & A Tough Ethical Question

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We get so STUCK in the way we eat and cook, and nothing represents an open mind & heart better than someone willing to taste something new, or to cook differently. It's my golden test on a new romance - what they eat and how they cook. A prospective lover who DOESN'T enjoy to cook? LOL. 🤣

Food is culture, community and family - and it's such a lovely expression of generosity to cook for others.

Our Hive community is JUMPING with eager, creative cooks - sharing their ideas and recipes freely. Today @artemisshares is gifting you 3 creative & interesting recipes you might enjoy to try at home. And an interesting question to ponder.

Please, be generous. Upvote, reblog, comment and tip. Engagement online about food is a great beginning, if a shared meal isn't possible.

My eggplant cream - At the request of @artemislives.


Eggplants are funny things - unless you're heavily into moussaka or awesome Thai vegan curries, what else to do with them? We LOVE this idea of a hummus-style dip-spread made from roasted eggplants. Creative, healthful, yummy, affordable and EASY. A butter alternative you can make at home. We especially love that this post was a response to a comment on another post. 😍 Hive engagement from a new Hive user at its finest - please lavish some special love on her for that!!

Sweet sticky tofu with sweet and sour stuffed sweet potato

We can't even IMAGINE what this would taste like. Sidestepping the liquid smoke (a strange western product LOL) and substituting black bean tempeh for the non-GMO-non-soy people, this is on our MUST TRY weekend list. What we especially love about this recipe is it's SOOOO adaptable - you could make this with just about anything! If you DO try this at home, please tag your post url to the comments below so we can give you some encouragement and support too. Read more...

Shitake Mushtoom And Buckwheat Noodle Soup

This post just makes me want to make soup!! If you're in Asia, NOW is the time for fresh young shitake! If buckwheat noodles are hard to find, Asian rice or mung noodles (woon sen or sen mii in Asian grocer shops) are super easy and require only sitting in the hot soup at the end. Every day should be sop day! Read more...

And... drumroll... the promised ethical question:

Is your Money Vegan?

Follow the money, they say. And if we DO that - follow the money on how our products are made, who profits, who is exploited, which Beings suffer, how the environment is affected - then often we start making money choices VERY differently. Is crypto the only real vegan currency? Should you take or accept money made and created on the sufferings of other people and animals? GREAT QUESTIONS here - open at you peril! You may never fit back in the box again. Read more...

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Interesting question, and I'd point out that the native Americans used to use animal products as currency. Ethics being inherently subjective, that may or may not be relevant to the question, but veganism has never really been a mainstream ancestral topic until industrial agriculture started completely raping ecology. I completely get the ethical dilemma that some folks put on omnivory, but rather than encouraging that people deny themselves animal nutrition, I usually like to ask how far they've looked into ethical ecological meat products either wild or domesticated.

Everything in the world eats everything else in the world, that's just the way it is, but there's a right way to do things and we've absolutely gotten away from that.

Food is culture, community and family

I love that line. As people in a colonized world, we've lost that. Colonialism takes everyone away from that place where food and family are from. The exact location that we all used to be plugged into where our literal tissues are made from. As it applies to culture, you can't have a culture without a place. And culture isn't color or even nationality, it is first and foremost the PLACE where you're rooted and made from. Industry has killed that, as our food (at least in the US) has an average of 1500 miles on it when it gets to our plate.

It's 3am, and I'll write a post on this place stuff soon. You got me going lol.

Excellent initiative, and that tofu looks yum! I'm off to bed, thanks for the question about money 💚

If I have stirred you to write half a blog post in response, and "got you going" then I have succeeded as a curator. 😍 I'm NOT a strict vegan myself, as I have bone issues post chemo that need some animal-derived nutrients from things like organic egg yolks and bone broths. But I am becoming plant based 99.5% by choice, simply cos that FEELS right to my spirit,

I also live in Thailand where Buddhism mandates monks (and the faithful) MAY NOT refuse any food offered from the heart, including meat. Thank goodness I'm allergic to religion. 🤣

Please copy and past this comment into an open "create post" window and have at it. 😊

Oh bone broth is such an awesome fooooood!!! Nose to tail eating, the ancestral way. My friend and I like putting chicken feet in ours. So much collagen.

The muscle meats like we usually eat today are the least nutrient dense parts of the animal, and then we THROW AWAY the best parts! The fat, the bones, the organs, and the blood. I love when I have an opportunity to celebrate the entire animal by not letting it go to waste.

We use chicken feet as a natural medicine cure here after Dengue Fever - old TCM recipe using ginger and green onions.

these dishes are interesting and the photos are beautiful. I like your work very much. thanks for sharing.

I hope you COOK up a storm and write lots of gorgeous #foodasmedicine posts too! 😊

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I adored the posts you shared above. I really love that beautiful noodle soup recipe - comfort food indeed!

I especially loved how sabrip is posting such great & useful content - she's doing great. Happy curator's heart. Yes, the noodle soup recipe totally sang to my soul too. 😍

That buckwheat noodle soup looks good.
Thanks for the share.