Mozzarella Grilled Rice, Used Leftover Ingredients

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Hello Foodies
How are you today ? I hope everything is safe and under control, whatever the conditions we are currently facing. Actually, that first sentence seems very cliché, because how can we feel safe? if the problem is not well controlled. For example, as a woman and a good wife, I should not be apathetic about public policy. Like some time ago, the government of my country made an unpopular public policy by increasing fuel prices very significantly.

What are the consequences? It is certain that the prices of all foodstuffs such as rice, vegetables, fish, meat, chili, sugar, etc. will increase because they are affected by logistics and shipping costs. As a wife, I am very dizzy managing finances. I have to rack my brain to find a way and a way out. One way I work around this is by reducing the habit of wasting food.


Many times in my life, I buy groceries in large quantities and store them in the refrigerator. However, when I went back to the market, I forgot the stock of groceries and bought it again, so there was a buildup of food stock in my refrigerator. Therefore, this time I want to make a dish that I like and my husband also likes to use the stock of food ingredients in this refrigerator.

I saw that there was leftover rice, mozzarella that would expire in a week, onions that were starting to dry out, and also sausages. Looking at these ingredients, I was reminded of a menu at Pizza Hut that I often ate a few years ago, when there was a promo at the pizza restaurant. I want to try to cook Mozzarella Grilled Rice with simple ingredients from my refrigerator and share my version of the recipe for all of my friends.


Mozzarella Grilled Rice Recipe


  • 2 cups of rice
  • 2 pieces of sausage
  • 1 tsp margarine or butter
  • Long beans
  • Mozzarella
  • Leek
  • 2 pcs Garlic
  • 1 clove onion
  • Red chili pepper
  • Pepper
  • Salt and mushroom seasoning


How to make mozzarella grilled rice:

  • Clean all the materials used. Slice the garlic, onions, scallions and long beans. Also cut sausages or desired toppings, you can use ham or minced meat.



  • Heat the pan, then add 1 tsp margarine or butter.



  • After that, add all the sliced ​​ingredients, saute until fragrant.
    Then, add the pepper, salt, and mushroom seasoning, stir until evenly distributed.


  • Enter 2 cups of rice, stir until evenly distributed. Then put it in a heat-resistant bowl, you can use an aluminum foil bowl or a ceramic bowl.




  • Grate mozzarella cheese over rice in a bowl, sprinkle a little oregano on top of mozzarella cheese, bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes.





  • Mozzarella grilled rice is ready to eat!



See you the next time hive friends!

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Wow looks interesting, thank you for sharing the recipe :)

My pleasure :)

Wow this is an all around meal, a complete meal indeed. You gave me an idea of what meal I will prepare for the weekend.

Whoaa, i am so glad for that! I hope this post can usefull for you :)

Wow! Looks delicious,never knew anything about this food recipe. thanks for sharing

Whoaa, i am so glad for that! I hope this post can usefull for you :)

It's indeed useful sis, thanks

It's delicious and I discovered something new after seeing this recipe.

I just used a leftover ingredients to make a something delicious :)

oh wow! cheese over rice like this actually looks good! 😃 and the ingredients you used here are easy to buy which makes me want to make some at home too 😄 thank you for sharing your recipe for this!

My pleasure, thank for stopping by :)

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I like this kind of recipe and I understand the sensor of safety I don't feel safe actually because the prices are increas so much for electricity,fuel and bills so I like to cook simple stuff and I do like you put many thinks in the refrigerator and buy them in sale for saving some money 💲💲💸

I agree, basic necessities are now very expensive, as well as electricity costs and so on, making me have to save more. Hopefully this situation will improve quickly, as time goes by.