My Favourite Breakfast

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I usually have my second favourite breakfast every day, which is a green smoothie. Quite often i follow it with my favourite breakfast.

Freshly baked breadMy favourite breakfast

Today i actually began with some freshly made Concorde grape juice as there is an abundance of grapes here at the moment, and i know it is very healthy for me to drink this. i diluted the grape juice 50/50 with water first. It is very important to dilute most juices before drinking.

Then, after some chanting, and a long talk with my friend @mountainman who called by to say hi, i made my 2nd breakfast (actually it was by then lunch as it was around 2pm when i sat down to eat).

I loaded the bread-maker last night and set it on timer so it was ready around 10 am for when i had finished my daily morning practice. I altered the standard recipe as i usually do, this time to the following (it varies a bit each time i make bread):

Fresh and Relatively Healthy Bread

300 g Limetz flour
200 g Wholewheat flour
10 g Muscovado sugar
15 grams olive oil
330 g water
7 g Himalayan salt
4 g dried yeast
Turmeric, black pepper & cinnamon.

My Nut Butter Blend

I add nut butter to the bread (which i usually toast - but as it was fresh out of the bread-maker i had it without toasting it today). I mix a blend of nut butter myself to spread on the bread (or toast). My nut butter mix is usually approx. 50/50 raw tahini & peanut butter with Himalayan salt, turmeric, black pepper and cumin. Sometimes i vary the spices.

Then i top the bread (or toast) with very thinly slices cucumber (organic from the garden).

I used to always have sliced tomato, but a couple of years ago having read some info. about tomatoes being part of the nightshade family, and a cause of inflammation and other health issues, i decided to stop eating them. i also don't grow them for same reason. However, i think next season i will grow some and introduce to my diet sometimes as an experiment.

My Version of Bulletproof Coffee

Now i know coffee is not supposed to be good for health, mostly because it is acidic. What i do however is make coffee (usually freshly ground) in a Mika pot, then add it to a french press (pre-heated - i like my coffee piping hot) to which i have already added some ground ginger, Cardamon, Turmeric, black pepper and stevia, then top up with more boiling water.

This gives me approx. two small cups of my version of "bulletproof coffee", the spices being the anti-dote to the acidity of the coffee - i think. Perhaps it's even healthy. It would be better if i added some coconut oil to increase the beneficial properties of the Turmeric even more, but that would need an extra stage of blending the coffee with the oil, so i rarely do so. It's all in the mind anyway!
Concorde grapes (before juicing - obviously - duh!)My Bulletproof Coffee with fresh homemade bread, nut butter blend and cucumber

So, there you have it. My favourite breakfast is a bit of an addiction, but a fairly healthy one, so says Ego anyway! :-)

What is your favourite breakfast?.
Please let me know in a comment below.

Sat Nam

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

Ps. If you feel so inclined, checkout my post from yesterday about Harvesting, Winterising and Meal-Prep


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concorde grapes rich in antioxident which helps to fight with harmful free redicals like peroxide , ozone and help to cure cardiovascular related problems. Its awesome to read your post about this grape juice . homemade bread i basically like made of barley and corn powder which is rich in fibre to ease your stomach complications.I prefer herbal tea instead coffee.

It would be ideal if you could develop posts explaining step by step with photos and text, each of these recipes. They look very interesting. Greetings.

Yes, i could do, but then i might not even get around to posting. Sometimes i do though. I'm pretty sure i have done for coffee and bread before. I'll see if i can find them.

Thanks for dropping by and fir your encouragement.

Make new ones when you can. Remember that the first rule of Foodies Bee Hive is not to publish content that has already been published. When you can, the butter and bread recipe is good. Greetings.

Your wish is my command dear sister :-)

But first, a pear cider (Perry) / pear vinegar post is in the making.

That looks super healthy! sometimes I like to eat wholemeal bread with natural peanut butter unsweetened. These days though, I just eat oatmeal with some sliced fruits, granola, chia seeds and goji bettery, a coffee is a must as well :)

Oooh damn this looks super healthy 😍

I like what you choose for breakfirst! !LUV

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

you are welcome..





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