my 1st post to “Foodies Bee Hive”…

in Foodies Bee Hiveyesterday (edited)

… is this dish, which i slow-cooked in a skillet… made from fresh ingredients i purchased at a framers market, held directly across the street from the AirBnB at which i am currently staying, on Playas del Coco 🌴 🥥 Costa Rica

…first sautéing in butter, garlic and onion;
then adding small-diced white potato and zucchini squash;
before chopped white-mushrooms, celery and kale in; i roasted and peeled the skin from one red-bellpepper, cut into strips and layed on top, the whole skillet was seasoned with a pickled and spicy 🌶 hot vegetable relish (also acquired from the farmers market here on …de Coco 🥥) and a splash of balsamic vinegar;

before placing the shrimps 🍤 on top to cook via the stream! 💨 and served the entire concoction over a bed of quinoa!

i do not normally photograph my homemade food preparations;
however, this dish was just so beautiful, i could not resist photographing it.

presented here for yOUR in-joyment with love 💗

by a man: attilio-cesare