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I love food of any kind and I love when it is presented well, because as you might know, you eat with your eyes first.

That does not mean that food which isn´t presented well does not taste but if I see something that looks good I want to try it.

For the new theme Food of the Deranged Photography Contest I´m going to show you some of my photos I took on Bali. Since Bali is some kind of food heaven for me and many other people.


This big waffle was one of the most satisfying dishes I ever had. If you want to order this as a dessert you should not order a big main meal, as this thing is huge.

The chefs on Bali are pretty good in finding dishes from all around the world and cook them theirself...and do it better.

Eating out on Bali means that there is nothing you won´t find. A classic on the island are sandwiches, burritos or bagels of any kind. Like the both dishes below. So delishes.




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OMG all this food look so amazing good

Thank you! If you love food go and check out my channel on tasteem. I wrote about 100 restaurant reviews with awesome dishes.

I do love food. Of course I will go and check your channel and I am sure I will enjoy those reviews of all those restaurants

plenty of familiar breakfast choices, have you spotted any grilled cheese varieties?

Of course. Almost every restaurant serving sandwiches has a grilled Halloumi option. Haven´t seen any other grilled cheese though.

Also, if you like vegan dishes there is no way around Bali.

It must be a sin to see so much rich food at this hour and not be able to eat it! I can almost feel its smell and taste. Delicious!

haha I know, it also hurts me to see these photos and know I can´t have that food now.

Love the burrito ❤
Nice captures 👌

thank you! the burrito was delicious...if I remember right. Had so much food on Bali :)

re-taste your photographs again 😉

ٌWooow,amazing good😋 @betterthanhome

Thank you. Super delicious 😋