14 Layered 4 colours Sweet and Salty Rice Cake specially for Malaysia Day

We are happy that @littlenewthings agreed to help out to test on our product via a recipe that we found from YouTube for Nonya layered rice cake - Kuih Lapis

Only to be delighted that she has stepped up to create a fusion taste for the usually sweet layered rice cake with another snack called Kuih Talam's taste, where both of these snacks rely heavily on plain rice flour and coconut milk.

It is quite ingenious of her to decide to make it "less sweet" by introducing 50% of the layers in savoury (salty) style, therefore for those who wants to eat it in layers, which is what it suppose to do, will taste a layer of sweet and a layer of salty.

It is not easy to ratio the sweet and salty portions correctly especially when the sweetness can over power the saltiness, and you can't put the same portion of salt as of the sugar to each of the dough; we are just happy that she found a way and at least 5 persons, particularly 90% are seniors have tried the snack and they liked the idea of less sweet and a tangy saltiness in it.

Here is her video that she has graciously sent to us before she posts here for our review.

It does look delicious, doesn't it?

Although she mentioned she wanted to make it look like the flag of Malaysia where there's blue, yellow intervals for the top 4 layers, and the rest are red and white, signifying the flag's design.

She did this on Malaysia day where she shared her preview here, but only able to finish the whole video compilation today.

We are grateful despite of the busy schedule she still took the time to try our product out.

And we are even happier that our flour passed the original recipe's test with an added twist!

As our products continue to be more available in the bakery specialty stores across the Klang Valley, we will continue to seek traditional and new recipes like this one to present our flour to you in yummilicious products!

For Malaysians who would like to know where our products are currently selling, please do not hesitate to contact us at our official Facebook Page

To look at her recipe, please visit her YouTube channel or wait for her to publish her recipe with step by step guide here in the HIVE blockchain.

Best wishes,

Cap Dua Gajah Media Officer
Kezia Teoh


I am just really glad that you liked the fusion idea, haha.

Did I hear fusion??? That's my magic word!

Hey @littlenewthings why did you never send it over for me to try out? 😉
I would have loved to rate it for you as well!

This calles for some special beverage too!


Haha. I wasn't 100% sure of the taste. Next round lar.

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