Vegan pizza night in Montreal


I have had quite a bit of insomnia lately. I wake up in the night and my mind starts racing. I have pangs of anxiety. I stay awake for hours thinking of an escape plan incase we get really locked away on this island.

The other day after work Marc insisted that we order a pizza instead of me cooking since I have been so sleep deprived. We live beside a pizza place that offers vegan pizza. It is not the best ever. We almost had it ordered online and Marc told me it came to thirty dollars. That was not going to fly with me no matter how tired I was. I could get a nice bag of groceries with that.

I insisted on making one. I challenged myself to make it as fast and easy as I could. There was plenty of flour in the cupboard and instant yeast. The loads of flour was given to me by my friend and kitchen manager who stocked up last year in case the world would run out of food supplies. He realized he had too much and no time to use it, so he brought me a lot of it.

I got out a bowl while Marc kept telling me to relax and we would order. He realized by the time I quickly mixed the dough, it was well on it's way.


I am not a baker. When I bake something I just cross my fingers and hope it turns out. It usually does. Funny that I was a baking supervisor for a vegan food producer. It's not my thing.

I started with 4 cups of flour, 2 cups water, 1 and half tablespoons instant yeast,2 tablespoons olive oil, and 1 tablespoon sugar. I mixed it together and added flour and water bit by bit until I could grab it with my hands and knead it. I rolled it into a ball and let it sit to rise.

After letting it rise a couple of times and kneading it each time I formed a pizza on a rectangle pan because I don't have a round one and let it sit while I prepped the toppings.


I had some sundried tomatoes that I had soaked a while back so I used this and some minced garlic for the base sauce since I didn't have tomato sauce at the time.

It's been icy outside so I haven't been going to my favorite grocer with good prices. The fridge supply is a little limited but fortunately there were enough things to put on the pizza.


I almost always have onions and I happened to have a zucchini in the fridge so I put that on.

My kitchen manager who gave me the flour also gave me a bag of tomatoes that he got on sale. The store is far from me so he bought a whole load. He has no time to use them but can't resist a bargain.


I was lucky to have them for the pizza. I also had a jar of marinated artichokes.


The final topping was broccoli that I had leftover from a stir fry that I had made before. Now it was complete and I managed to clean up some items in the fridge.


I put it in a 450f preheated oven and left it for around 7 minutes than turned it down to 350 until it was cooked through and the crust was golden. I never time anything but I would say it was approximately 15 minutes. Many ovens differ. I am taking advantage of finally having an oven this year and electricity included in the rent. I was living at my inlaws for a few months and they had an oven that had a broken bottom element. Before that we were in Asia and ovens were non existent in the Arbnbs that we stayed at.

As tired as I was I was happy that we didn't spend thirty dollars on a lesser pizza. This was much better and cost very little.


I love balsamic glaze on pizza and almost everything so I added a little to the pizza. This is something I splurge on.


I know people that would be wildly opposed to calling this a pizza since it doesn't have cheese on it and it's not round. I never opt for vegan cheese when I order. I just don't like it. I suppose you could call it a flat bread.


Anyway this served us well as a pizza and was well worth exerting energy that was lacking to have this fresh out of the oven.


The downside is that I shouldn't eat such things before bed because it can keep me awake. Oh well that was the price I had to pay for not spending thirty dollars on a vegan pizza and having a better one. It's all Marc's fault for wanting to order in. I could have just made something else but we really enjoyed it.


Thanks for stopping by!


That’s looks delicious pizza I love it. I feel hungry again now.

Haha just like when I see your food I get hungry!

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Thank you @curie!

Hmmm, It's sound really good. You make me hungry. I think
I will try it in the future.

Thank you @kidsisters! I think you should make pizza sometime. You are already good at cooking.

Ah pizza is so good! You should enter this in the manly man vegan contest!

Oh I didn't know about this contest interesting I will look into it.

I have found that tortillas make the best pizza base. I’m frankly embarrassed it took so long to discover this.
The tastiest pizza I ever made is the cheapest and easiest.

Hello there @lensessions! I will have to try the tortilla base as well. Great idea!