Trying the BBQ flavor mix with a baking bag for Chicken and Veggies.

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Last night after I came home from my job I decided to make something that I haven’t been doing in a while, and that was to cook my lunch for the next day because I am a little tired of the food from the place I buy lunch when I come to the office. On Monday I went to the market to make some groceries and I saw a pack of “BBQ Flavor” and a plastic bag to bake things, and I got really curious and decided to try it.


Some friend talked to me about baking meat and chicken using these types of plastic bags and he said that because of the pressure that rises inside the bag for the steam cannot go out, it makes everything soft and faster, so this time I wanted to try it.

I decided that I wanted to bake chicken with some vegetables: Carrots, potatoes, onion, red pepper, and garlic. I also added some cooked rice that I had made the same day, and I wanted to add tomato but since I lacked those, I added a bit of pizza sauce that remained in the fridge from the weekend when my boyfriend made homemade pizza.


First I prepared the vegetables by washing them with water, peeling the skin of all of them, and chopping them in small pieces, one by one, except the garlic that I don’t like to slice with the knife but to crush it instead so it releases its flavors best.












I opened the package of the flavor mix and is divided by the flavor powder, and the bag, so I extended the bag with my hands on top of the metal baking mold that I was going to use, and when the bag was open, I started to put everything inside: first the vegetables, then the rice, and last, the chicken, the pizza sauce, and last the flavor powder.













I closed the bag gently with my hands and started to mix everything inside so everything could mix well with the flavor powder until everything looked like it was covered by it.



I took it to the oven where it was supposed to be around 25-30 minutes at 220 °C, but I left it there for like 60 minutes because my oven doesn’t reach that temperature. When I took it out it looked really good, the bag was full of steam, and once I opened it, everything inside was nicely cooked, soft, and it smelled great with the BBQ sauce.

I wouldn’t use these types of baking bags constantly just because of the plastic waste that it takes throwing up the baking bag after using it, but I must say that I was impressed by the flavor of the BBQ flavor powder, and how soft and tender everything was after cooking by that method. It is full of sodium, but if you want to make your way out with a quick and tasty meal, maybe for a family lunch or dinner, this is a good option.




I send regards to everybody and thank you if you took the time to stop by and check my post. Until the next time!



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