Making of Potato Chips at home

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In India, we have the tradition of making most of the snacks at our home, instead of buying readymade from the market. This tradition is still flourishing, despite of readily available varieties of readymade snacks.

We believe that making anything in our own kitchen is more hygienic, healthy, delicious and gives a lot of satisfaction to the whole family.

In India, Fresh Potatoes are available abundantly in March Before the festival of Holi, and it is a tradition to make potato chips at home to serve guests as snacks, whoever comes to play Holi.

Of course, making chips requires some efforts but the satisfaction it gives can't get from the readymade chips or wafers bought from the market.


Ingredients Required

  • Fresh big size potatoes
  • Sufficient Water to wash, merge and cook potatoes.
  • Alum a small piece


  • Wash and peel the potatoes. care must be taken that after peeling potatoes must be kept submerged into the water during the whole process, it avoids chips to turn dark in colour.
  • Peel the potatoes and submerge them in water.

  • Slice them thin and kept them submerged in the water.

  • Now take enough water in a big utensil to cook these chips. Before cooking it, add an Alum piece for a minute and remove it. It helps to keep chips white.
  • It doesn't require to cook for a long time, just cook for about 5 minutes in boiling water, on a low flame.

  • Cook in small batches and dried in sun or in air on a plastic sheet.
  • If the weather is warm it becomes dried within 8 hours. When it is completely dried can be stored for a year or longer, in an airtight container.



Now to enjoy these homemade chips you have to deep fry them, and sprinkle some salt and pepper according to your taste.
Care must be taken while frying as it may turn dark on over frying. Just fry for 15-20 seconds in hot oil.


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I love this recipe! Thanks.

I am pleasantly surprised by this recipe. I really liked knowing about the festival that happens at potato harvest time, that's excellent, contextualizing the recipe, so that the reader knows when it is prepared and knows something about your culture. The step by step is very laborious, but the result you present is worth it, they look like commercial potato chips. The use of alum caught my attention, I would never have thought of using it for cooking, since in my country it is a medicine, it is generally used for conditions of the throat and other mucous membranes. The procedure is very well explained, a pity that the photo of when you fry the potatoes did not appear, however it is a good post. Greetings.

Me sorprende gratamente esta receta. Me gustó mucho saber del festival que ocurre en tiempo de cosecha de papas, eso es excelente, contextualizar la receta, para que el lector sepa cuándo se prepara y conozca algo de tu cultura. El paso a paso es bien laborioso, pero el resultado que presentas vale la pena, parecen papas fritas comerciales. Me llamó la atención el uso del alumbre, jamás habría pensado utilzarlo para cocinar, ya que en mi país es un medicamento, generalmente se emplea para afecciones de la garganta y otras mucosas. Está muy bien explicado el procedimiento, lástima que no salió la foto de cuando fríes las papas, sin embargo es un buen post. Saludos.

Thanks for your appreciation. You are right that frying pic is missing as I forgot to take pic of that. Yes Alum is used as a medicine but we also use it to clean water.

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