Mango smoothie/ Mango Lassi : Vegan Recipe

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Summer is incomplete without mangoes in India. There are hundreds of types of mangoes and mango recipes in India from north to south and east to west.

In most of the mango recipes, animal milk other milk products are added.
These can be veganized easily by replacing plant-based milk and milk products.
Mango smoothie or yoghurt rich mango juice is also known as mango lassi is one of my favourite mango recipes.
It is not only delicious but also easy to prepare.
To make it vegan I used peanut yoghurt instead of dairy yoghurt.
If you want to make your own peanut curd can check here- Peanut curd recipe

20200519 018 2.JPG

It is very easy to prepare. We just need mangoes, vegan yoghurt, a handful of almonds(its optional), sugar and water.
Bled all in a mixer and serve chilled!

20200519 001 21.jpg

I hope you find these vegan recipes interesting!

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