A north Indian traditional meal, Bedmi Poori and Spicy Potato curry

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Diversity of India also reflects in the eating habits of Indians also. Eating habits change over every few hundred kilometres in India.
Largely India can be divided into North, South, East and West but this is not so simple to understand the culture and eating habits of Indian people.
It also happens that one type of food prepared in a different way in a different region of India. Poori is a typical example of it. It is a type of fried wheat bread but prepared and eaten if different ways across India.
Here I prepared Bedmi Poori, it is nothing but a whole wheat fried bread made with mixing lentils and some spices with wheat flour. This variation in a recipe makes it different in taste and flavour.
Pooris can be eaten with different curries but here this Bedmi Poori goes well with Juicy and Spicy Potato Curry.
In this video, you can find in details how I made this Poori and Curry.
Hope you would like it.

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