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Nature always takes care of all living being. Nature gives us a different type of fruits and vegetables in a different season.
According to Ayurveda, we must eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as they help to maintain Dosha balances in our body and prevent us from various diseases.
Summer is a hot and dry season so in this season nature gives us fruits which hydrate us and provide various minerals which help us to maintain our electrolyte balances.
Today I bought various summer fruits and captured all of them together on my camera.

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It is one of the most loving food in the summer. Hard from outside and soft and juicy from inside. It contains 92% water and packed of various minerals and vitamins.


Some varieties of muskmelon are available in the market. It is also a high demand fruit in the summer as it is a hydrating fruit full of water content, minerals and vitamins.
It also improves digestion.


The king of fruits and the native in the Indian subcontinent. Loved all over the world. This amazing flavourful fruit has a lot of varieties in India. We can say summer is incomplete without this fruit.
In India, it is eaten as a whole fruit and a lot of dishes also prepared with it.

Raw mango

It is used to make various dishes in the summer. The most popular one is mango pickle made with raw mango. Mango pickle is prepared almost all household in the country.
Raw mango water is also popular as Aam Ka Pana. It helps to prevent heat stroke in the summer.

Bilve Fruit or Wood Apple.

Bilve tree has some religious significance in Hindu mythology. Its leaves offered to Lord Shiva. Even though this fruit is not so popular but it is very useful to prevent diarrhoea in the summer season. Its juice is consumed as a cold drink.
The dried form of this fruit also used in Ayurveda medicines.

Karonde (Scientific name Carissa carandas)

It is a very popular berry in India and mostly used to make pickle in combination with raw mango pickle.

I hope you find this info interesting!

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... so many tasty fruits 😘