Today's evening snacks' hero - Mango dry fruits cake 🍰😋☕️

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When we are at home in the evening time it is must to have some snacks with tea. On kids demand today I prepared their favourite Mango Dry Fruits Cake. It was super delicious and no need to say it was vegan!

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Masala Tea☕️ (Made with freshly made peanut🥜 milk)
Mango🥭 Dry Fruits Cake (Freshly made)
Bikaji Bhujia (From the market)

All served in vegan crockery

About Tea - Generally Almond, Coconut or Soy milk is used to make vegan tea/coffee and peanut milk is not liked as it has some peanut flavour. But here I want to say that peanut milk is underestimated.
Peanut milk also makes a delicious masala tea. To mask the peanut flavour make tea little stronger, spicy and sweet. 1/3-1/4th Quantity of peanut milk is sufficient to make tea. Definitely, you will enjoy this creamier masala tea.


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peanut milk with masala tea. that is interesting. i should give it a try in future when i had the chance.

Sure, give it a try and share your experiences. Thanks!