Potatoes with fresh Greens and Barbecue sauce

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I am trying to eat as much of the things I already have instead of buy new stuff, so my dishes doesn't seems so different from eachother.
I do this because I am unemployed right now, not a big deal for me, but its the truth nonetheless.

Here’s what I used:

500g of Potatoes
4 small Carrots
5 small Brown Mushrooms
1/5 of Cucumber
1 slice of Pinapple
Some Barbecue sauce


The Potatoes needs to boil for 20mins, after 10mins I put the mushrooms on a pan and saute it for the remaining 10mins.

After its done, just mix it all together. It almost could be in my bowl today haha xD



This is easy to replicate! also looks like a delicious snack

Everything I is mostly easy, I do make big complicated meals once in a while :p

Thats a 700 calorie snack then :P haha