Red Lentils with Chickpeas and Ggreens

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I love me some easy dinner! I think I need to get more calories in throughout the day, so thats what I am trying to do and tracking.
I hit 2k calories today which should be my minimum.
I made some red lentiles with chickpeas and greens.

Here’s what I used:
1 dl of Red Split Lentiles
180g of Chickpeas
350g of Mixed Greens
4 small Brown Mushrooms


1½ tsp of Mustard
3 tsp of Vegan Mayo
2 tsp of Maple Syrup

This is a banger sauce!


Cooked the Red Lentils, while they were cooking I added the mixed greens to a pan and slowly started to cook it, I did add some mushrooms.
I added in the chickpeas at the end since they were already precooked and just need to be heated.

Plated and drizzled some sauce on top. Yummy! :D



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