Simple Vegan Burritos for Lunch!

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Hey Hivers! Normal I only show my dinner since thats the most interesting meal of the day for me. But today I felt like making lunch burritos to mix it up a bit!

Todays Lunch:

Today I made Simple Vegan Burritos

Here’s what I use:

1 can of Black Beans
1 Medium sized Avocado
½ of a Bellpepper
3 Cherry Tomatoes
A bit of Salsa




Well, I warmed the Black Beans and the Wrap
After that I put it all together, fairly easy.


Nutritional Facts:


815 Calories

108.5g Carbs
31.2g Protein
27.5g Fat

54% Carbs
16% Protein
30% Fat

I feel a bit sick after I had eaten both of them. Normally I only eat around 500 Calories when it comes to lunch xD