I’m an ex Vegan: “Something was NOT OK about that shit”

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‪#carnivore VS #vegan during #coronavirus. RAW EDITION from #sv3rige


#sv3rige spits the truth. I know that some of you are like me, you do not wish to go without meat in your diet. I tried that before, for approximately 3 to 4 years in the past. Now for almost 2 years I have been mostly carnivorous once again.

What we eat.

I am finally falling back into the trap of a grain fed diet due to sugar addictions, already I am feeling it’s negative symptoms. I feel like absolute garbage, plain and simple. This is no #Coronavirus, its my consumption habits.

Watch this video and tell me what the fuck you think is going on this world.

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The vegan principle is inspiring in some ways, really dangerous in others. It's akin to a religion as some of these are, where people are very defensive of it all.

Do I think being a vegan is wrong? No, we can make our own choices.

Do I think being a vegan is healthy? The million dollar question but in my personal opinion no, I don't think it's healthy. There are certain things humans as a species need to get from an animal product of some sort. Engineering it in a lab to substitute is harmful, even with the best intentions and controls. There is no substitute for nature.

I think a good vegetarian balance is the ideal solution, again in my opinion. I don't like a lot of meat but I also can't seem to do well without occasionally eating a little bit. Most of what I eat on a daily basis is plant based but including things every now and then with full-fat cow butter isn't a bad thing.

Akin to religion

that about sums it up for me 😅
I eat what I eat, no taking a side in this battle. Hopefully obtaining meat without having to hunt or farm will remain a thing.

Yeah I think it will. Do you have any local farms near you that sell their animals in a store of their own? There’s a couple farms here near Boston that do that and it’s a hell of a lot healthier and better to buy from them versus the big agricultural businesses like Tyson.

If I don't have some meat with a meal, I'll feel like I haven't ate all day after a couple hours. I'd be in bad shape if I tried to mot eat meat for 3 or 4 months. Don't feel guilty about that stake. lol

I feel zero guilt at all, give me some goat liver & milk to feast upon and I’ll be happy.