in Foodies Bee Hivelast month

Good day to you #foodies out there in #hive land.

I would like to introduce you to my #biss of February, the month of "love". Meet Sally, a delicious sandwich that began with left over grilled salmon.

One of the foods I truly enjoy is fish. For last night's dinner I prepared grilled salmon. Before going onto the grill, I seasoned the salmon filet with dill, garlic powder, salt , black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. I let the fish rest in the frig for about an hour. I then sprinkled some seasoned panko bread crumbs as well as a little parmesan cheese on top. After heating my cast iron skillet on the grill, I slid the filets into in pan.

Oh what a nice sizzle.

Dinner was excellent, but with all the other side dishes I added, there was no more room in our tummies to finish off the salmon.

Oh the joys of left overs.

Sally was born the next day.


With such a flavorful piece of fish, already cooked and seasoned, it was easy to put together this gorgeous hand held masterpiece of a sandwich.


Here's all the ingredient I used.

Pesto, shallots, celery, mayonnaise, potato roll, some baby greens, and of course, my salmon filet.


After flaking the fish, I added the finely chopped shallots and celery with a spoonful of mayonnaise.



Spread one side of the roll with a generous helping of pesto.


Load up the other side of the roll with the salmon salad.


Top with the baby greens and close it up.


Hope you're hungry.🤗

Thanks to our host @mondoshawan. The #biss is a fun, gastronomical sensation. Lots of #food floats around the blockchain, but there something about a hand held meal that gets the juices flowing.

Have a wonderful food filled day.😎


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There you go again @anggreklestari, giving me the thumbs up. Thank you very much for the curation on behalf of @foodiesunite.
Have a fantastic day my friend.

How fabulous to see you here my friend, your Sally looks absolutely delicious!

Hi @lizelle, I am glad I got this in before it was closed. I really enjoy #biss, it makes me think of all the lunches I packed for my kids over the years . Now seeing some of these new creations, I am starting to think past pbj's 😁
Hope you are well my friend, sending hugs.

Looks delicious. I love salmon, but have never made salmon salad. Will have to try this, thanks!

Nice to see you here @memesteemit. I love all kinds of fish and leftovers can make a great sandwich. With four children I was always slapping together two slices of bread with what was left in the frig.😉
Glad you stopped by, thanks, love the company.

Wow, this is awesome. Welcome Sally! 😁 Pleased to meet you!

Thanks for taking the time to pop in. Really enjoy the sandwich making and sharing. Enjoy 😊

Mouth watering 🤤🤤
Salad was very surprising. It looks very delicious 👌👌

Well hello there @pradeepdee6 so nice to see you here checking out my post, thank you.
I must say this sandwich was a shoot from the hip, just got inspired with a little left over salmon.
It's always fun here with the #foodies.
So glad you dropped by.
Enjoy the weekend.


712/697 heheheh

You did it again! I'm hungry again at 4AM! Sigh.... This looks wonderful!

Good morning @goldenoakfarm, 4am? c'mon isn't that a little tooooo early?
I like to rise early but closer 6am, but lately @thebigsweed has been waking me up 4ish with the smell of coffee he just made. So I get up and have coffee with him, can't help myself. sigh, as you say, I get the seeing the sandwich and getting hungry.😋
It's our last day in Florida, we are hitting the road home early Monday morning. I'm going to miss the daily sunshine, but I am also looking forward to getting back. Miss the grandkids.
I see you are pushing forward with the house completion , the place is beautiful. Good for you.
Have a wonderful day.

Was wondering when you guys would drift north again....

I've woken up around 4AM for many many years, I get a lot done in the quiet...

Ya know you are right, seems I can get a ton done when I get up early, but 4 am , nope.😁