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Ever since I was a young girl, I very often was in the kitchen with my mom preparing food for our large family. I was the one to be the kitchen helper, since I was the oldest female in a family with seven children.

So many wonderful memories were created there in our tiny kitchen. Mom was always instructing me on how to make this or that but we didn't just speak food recipes. It was time spent just one on one.
It didn't happen very often, lots of little kids to tend to.
But she made me feel special, we shared little secrets and a giggle now and then over some silly thing I said or did. When I was twelve, my youngest sibling was born, #7 , a beautiful baby girl. She stole my heart.

It was the day after she came home from the hospital that mom called me into her room while she was breastfeeding my baby sister to have a talk.
With smiles in her eyes and a gentle voice, she told me everything about how my sweet little baby sister REALLY got here.

Oh, the things we remember , so vividly sometimes and so unexpected.

Let's talk food shall we. As I was saying, my love of cooking started way back.


Oatmeal was a staple in our home. I could whip a pot of it in no time and the kids ate it up once we added a dollop of syrup on top. A great way to start the day.

Oats again.

Homemade granola is one treat I could eat everyday.

The basic recipe is:
1 tbs. oil
2 cups of oats
1/3 cup butter
2 tbs. honey OR maple syrup (my fav)
sprinkle of brown sugar.

Mix together, spread on a cookie sheet and bake for 20mins @350.
Now add some really good stuff, like dried fruit, I love cranberries, nuts, for me any kind of nut will do, I love them all! Even tiny chocolate chips can be sprinkled in for that special occasion.


What to do when so many cucumbers are in at the same time?


Make some refrigerator pickles.

Another quick and easy recipe:
Slice the cucumbers lengthwise, pack in jars.

Mix together:
1 cup of water
3/4 cup white vinegar
1 tbs. sugar
1 tbs. salt
A hand full of fresh dill or (1-2tbs of dried)
1 tbs. whole black peppercorn
2 cloves of garlic, minced.
For a little extra spice, crushed red pepper does nicely.
Pour brine into the jar making sure, the soon to be pickles,
are completely covered.

Refrigerate for at least 72 hours, shake your jars whenever you can. They can be eaten then, but the longer they sit in the brine the more flavorful they are.


Oddity of this summer squash.

As the summer gardens flourished this season, this odd fellow appeared. It looked like a green speckled football. It was hard skinned and heavy. A solid something?? squash?

It was green skinned like a zucchini, but the shell was much tougher. And it's shape was more of a spaghetti squash. With both zucchini and spaghetti squash growing in the same area of the garden, I guess the wind, a bird or insect must have cross-pollinated it to give us our fabulous football squash. 😄



It was confirm as soon as I split it open, the flesh shredded like spaghetti but it tasted like zucchini.

I stuffed them with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and sweet basil.
What a meal...YUMMY!!


With still a few more of these oddballs to pick, I switched gears to the baking side of kitchen fun.

Making bread with the football squash.

All I really did was use my zucchini bread recipe and use the football squash instead.

Came out really moist and delicious.
Shared a loaf with my neighbor.


Always around to keep you cooking, tossing a handful of these beauties into my mouth was a frequent occurrence.


With broccoli being picked daily and potatoes being plucked, add @thebigsweed 's favorite meal, a juicy burger right off the grill.


Morning harvest, mid summer.


Thanks mom,❤️ you still inspire me in the kitchen.
Although you are not here in body, I know your gentle spirit lives in my heart.💖

Let's have a cup of tea.☕️

Hope everyone in #hive land is sharing the love.

Today, I send out a big HELLO to all the #foodies in the #foodiesbeehive. Including #foodiesunite, big fan, gastromomical delights.

Although I will probably get fish slapped for posting on Tuesday,
I'm still sending hugs to my first pals on (steemit ,am I allowed to say that 😕😏😁❤️)
My first friends, all those crazy, fun, food fighting fanatics,
THE CREW FROM #fff, that's #foodfightfriday brought to us by @jlsplatts, @dandays and @idig, going way back to when I did my first post.

Thanks guys!

Be well , stay safe, share the love.


Phenomenal post, all had me @

she told me everything about how my sweet little baby sister REALLY got here.

LOL! Fun memories there!

Then the food...I figured one quick meal, cya @farm-mom. But nope.

If it were me, I would forgo the fish slap in this circumstance due to the quality of the post itself. But I'll heed the final decision to the OG's.

I want to eat one of those pickles!

That football squash with the tomatoes, cheese, and basil could'a been its own post for Pete's sakes!

Then the homemade bread....c'mon now.

It gets better....fresh blueberries. Followed by a massive juicy burger?!?

Top it off with fresh picking from the garden. You make it look easy.

@thebigsweed, you've got it made in the shade buddy. I think it's your turn to cook ;)

Thank you, really THANK YOU!!
@intothewild you are so nice to me. I appreciate your enthusiasm. I can tell you are a guy that loves to eat. I am an expert at that believe me , in our house, food is never wasted. But at times I do have to hide some in order to get my share.😋
Glad you came by.

Of course! I tend to be enthusiastic, especially about things I am passionate about. Could you guess that food is one of those passions???

Happy to swing by! Feel free to give me more reasons to ;)

Sending blessings to your home.
And those who feel your love, stay just the way you are.
You are most definitely headed in the right direction, take that to the bank from @farm-mom.

It's funny that you mentioned it's my turn to cook.
I am cooking tonite and we are having a very basic homecooked meal, PBJs on toast, served with milk of course!
Do you think that will get me over? If not, I will go to everyone's favorite, scrambled eggs on toast, served with ketchup, Of Course!

PBJs on toast, served with milk of course!

Ehhhhhh, obviously a staple, one that I would gladly consume. But idk if that's on @farm-mom's level right now dude, hahahaha.

But a good scramble could maybe put you over the top. I'll have to hear from @farm-mom how ya did ;)

PBJs hum? ok with me, I love them.
Reminds me of my mom packing 8 bagged lunches everyday for the 7 kids and my dad.
But on Fridays we got tuna fish sandwiches, a special treat. It went with the Catholics ruling of NO MEAT ON FRIDAYS. You could eat fish though, so when I was older I said fine no meat, I'll have lobster. Go figure.

Grandma's are the best. In case I haven't told you lately, way to lead by example.

It's a slap/smooch hybrid

Good one there my friend, I'll take a smooch anytime.😙

It's 4AM in the morning here and I'm not supposed to be this hungry! I wonder why I am.... :))

Good grief, you've joined our club, the early birds.
Seems lately we have been getting up so early. Just a day ago the sweed and I up at 3:15 am.
Funny through, we felt great all day. But by 7:30pm, we both were out.
Which lead to getting up at four the next morning.
We get a lot done before day break.

Hungry you say? Drop by, we'll make some blueberry bombs topped with our maple syrup.

Sigh... don't make me hungry before bed....


It's no wonder I love to eat! Who wouldn't like to sit down to a meal prepared by such a wonderful cook, using homegrown produce, and made with as much sweetness as maple syrup?
All I need to do is make sure I'm listening for the dinner bell.
Earlier today, much earlier, like 3:15 Am early, you stated you don't know how I can hobbitize much of the day?
Well, now that I think of it, if I didn't stay as busy as I do, with the way you cook, I'd check in at around 350 pounds, instead of my sexy 212 pounds. Check out this six-pack, a product of hard work and your gourmet nutritional meals.


Oh my, is there some subliminal message there?
Yeah I've got it, you are tipping your hat and saying" Mam" out of total respect.
You are such a gentleman.😉

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Oh boy, thanks so much, keep it coming.

You're welcome @farm-mom, thanks for making this platform alive! 🌹

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