How about some weird food?

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Hello all you beautiful bee #hive peeps. The mom is in the house.
Presenting some CrAZy, almost alien veggies. I think we should be considered serious growers. But sometimes mother nature has her way. Or maybe it's the seed these came from, don't know.
All I know is, what I see , these veggies are Weird!!!


When I talk about being serious growers, I mean that sincerely.
The vast majority of my time is spent growing our own food.
But this????


Or whatever this is...🤷‍♂


I have thought about for this for years. It's been planned since 1980. Think about that, I mean what the hell. I was only 24 y/o when we purchased this property we now call home. At the time, I already had my first son, we had bought a house in Northern New Jersey, six months later, we now owned 10 acres in Upstate NY.


Here's the story. My Uncle Louey had bought 30 acres up the road and was talking about it at a family gathering. He was trying to talk one of his eight children into buying a corner lot, of some 10 beautiful acres full of hardwoods, pine and several natural springs.
Right on the same road." C'mon guys they are not making any more dirt. This lot could be very valuable someday." As my hubby and I listened to this conversion, the wheels began to turn.
All readers should understand. We were young in our careers, we did not come from money, it was just us.
Well, it was January and the snow falls a lot up here on our mountain. So it was decided, I would stay home with the baby, @thebigsweed and his brother would go walk the property.
Fourteen hours later, the first signature was signed. What was so amazing, no bank was involved. This old farmer was subdividing his gianormus piece of land. We found out the history of this property, came from his great grandpa. They were dairy farmers, they needed a huge parcel of land. The cows needed to graze.
The owner just wore out his welcome at the age of 75 when he sold us the land and held the mortgage for us. It cost us $90.00 a month for ten years to pay it off. This farmer was no dummy. By subdividing this large piece, he secured his retirement. We were just a small part of his monthly income.

Our dream was to have a peaceful place in nature. Have enough land to grow our own food. Have a refuse for our children when we were gone. To remember how blessed we were to have this farm. With great natural resources, fresh air and lots of love with living among like minded people. Where helping each other is the greatest gift of life.

We are I am ok with these very weird veggies.


IMG_4102 2.JPG

This summer, mother #nature gave us a very special gift. A very delicious, unusual veggie. We named it the "football squash".
It was a cross pollination between the zucchini and spaghetti squash. We figured, after some research, that it was probably from the bees that had done the deed.
The result, many sumptuous meals.


Try doing this with a football...😊
Football bread as sweet as honey, yup, that was the sweetener, raw honey from our fellow farmer just down the road a piece. #naturalmedicine at it's best.


Baked squash footballs stuffed with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and my fav, sweet, just picked basil. Is there any thing more aromatic. I sniff it daily. Makes me #feelgood.


To all you #foodies out there let's #foodiesunite, but please
remember my best pals @foodfightfriday, my first pals on the #blockchain that helped me navigate this wonderful place to share ideas, dreams and form friendships. It's all about community, uplifting each other and making it to the promised land.

Give support whenever you can. Feel blessed by this extraordinary
Experiment we call #hive. Sending hugs to my pals @splatts, @dandays, @intothewild, @idig, @melinda010100,@lizelle, and so especially my #homestead girl @goldenoakfarm, I am sending extra to you. EXPODENTIAL LOVE AND PEACE.

Sending the love, peace to all, good night.


What a lovely story, and how lucky you are to have your own land to call home, googly eyed veggies and all. Off to sniff some purple basil. It smells even better when it's a cool colour :P

Hi good morning @riverflows. Thanks for the compliment.
Yes, having this farm all these years has been an adventure, with lots of happy memories.
It's great when the family visits and new memories are made now with the grand kids.
Everyone enjoys this little piece of paradise .
Enjoy the day!

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Well, thank you very much.

Cucumbers and tomatoes can make some of the weirdest shaped things to pick. Carrots are really good at it too, especially if the dirt is too dense.
Heirloom tomatoes are really good at producing weird misshapen fruit, but they still taste good. :-)

Oh yes, the heirloom tomatoes are normally weird, but boy are they good eatin"

Wonky produce is one of the joys of the garden. So often things get pretty regular in appearance but the silly wonky ones are the light in the mist.

$1k/acre, who could argue?

Please tell me you kept seeds from your football?

OH yeah, I am a seed collector. love that we have already four generations of seeds from our own. Pushing always to produce our very own. No GMO S here. Left the crap a while ago, nothing but mother earth here.

Perfect! The more seed savers the better. With the large number of people who are pushing to be more organic and non-gmo we are able to keep the real genetics rolling. I have a Pear Melon that is native to Washington that I have many generations of seeds from and love to grow it, my only melon that has EVER produced.

A pear melon? I don't think I have ever seen one of those. We don't have any luck with melons or pumpkin for that matter. I am going to learn how to improve my pumpkins, I only had one small one this year. Yet ,all my neighbors grow some beauties.

I think it's very important to harvest the seeds. I know they are clean, if ya know what I mean.😊

My problem with saving seeds is that they get cross-pollinated every year, so I never know what I'm going to get from them. This year, I ended up with a squash that was a cross between a delecata squash and sugar pie pumpkins. I got those plants from the compost pile in early summer. Next year's plants from this year's cross will have either more delecata, or pumpkin, or possibly acorn squash in the mix. I won't know until I start seeing the baby squash on the plants...
These are from this year, the round ones are the hybrids from last year. Pie pumpkin shape, delecata coloration, and a light orange flesh. :-)

You have me laughing, apparently this cross pollination stuff can really keep you guessing.
This was the first time I have had this happen. Weird right? Regardless, those veggies look mighty healthy.

I felt that hug all the way over here.

Damn thing had 'huh' instead of 'hug.' Hug, dammit! Hug.'

Your articles are always happy and smiles @farm-mom. You're a refreshing young lady.

Good morning @dandays. If it wasn't for you, I would still be using # and @ alllll wrong.
Thanks for all your tutorials.

We are waiting on a big snow storm here in the Northeast, so I'll be making soup today. AND I am making some homemade chocolate treats for Christmas gifts. Going to be a fun day.

Hey is your video ready? I have to buzz by your place and check ya out.
Enjoy your day, hello to Pura!

I'm glad i could help @farm-mom. I had no idea what i hyperlink was before this playform, now i do weird things like copy and paste them.

Oh it's ready. Don't crash!

I know right? I am still learning new stuff everyday. Although I already knew about cutting and pasting but it made such a mess on my computer screen. 🤣😂😁

Funny. That is a mess.

I just read all the typos in my previous comment and apparently hyperlinks are just the beginning, like your farm in upstate, I got a lotta room to grow.

Oh this makes my heart so happy! What a true gem you found in that land. And a smart farmer to secure his retirement AND secure the loving care of his land for generations to come. Sometimes the ugliest produce tastes the sweetest. Though I might have a tough time eating anything with eyes. 😂

Oh, so you don't touch spuds😁
That ugly tomato, was so good. Those carrots got thrown into the compost pile. They looked a little sketchy.
Have a great day!

Oh there's always exceptions to the rule. I couldn't live without spuds, haha!

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You're welcome @farm-mom, it is always with pleasure! 🌹
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They come in all shapes and sizes, vatiation is the signature of Nature 🌜

It is true, nature is really awesome.

And so is your story, I’m trying to return to the land right now and it’s inspiring to read posts like this one 🙌🏼

I can't believe this googlyeyes.
Great one @farm-mom.
And the veggies and food look tasty. :-)

Don't you just love #googlelyeyes, they are so fun stick around.
They make me laugh.
Thanks for you nice reply.

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Wow, such an honor, thanks so much.
I have great respect for the curie community, you work hard at uplifting others.
Much appreciated.