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Happy Friday all you #foodies out there in #hive land.

I recently celebrated my 66th birthday. It was a very special day that was thoughtfully planned by @thebigsweed. To be honest, my hubby and I don't make a big fuss on our birthdays. We always have parties for the kids but us old timers would probably rather just skip it.

Not this year. As you can see, my "cake" was a big block of wood, decorated, then topped off with absolutely yummy cookies and cakes from a French bakery in the city of Norwich, NY. Amazing little bakery that can send you to the moon with just the sights and smells as soon as you step inside.


At the end of the summer harvest we pick the last of the tomatoes, even if they are still green. In fact, I look forward to the green ones, they are wonderful fried but I found that baking them on parchment paper on a high heat of 400 degrees works just as well with less calories from frying in oil.
I have also cooked them in my air fryer, which is also another way of having that nice crunch on your tomatoes.


The recipe I use is very simple, after slicing the tomatoes, I cover them with flour, dip in egg then cover them in cornmeal. Once placed on the baking tray, I drizzle with some olive oil.

Now since it was my actual birthday all I did was give the hubby instructions, he did all the cooking. What a guy. He loves to eat and now in our retirement, he's learning to cook.


Pan seared swordfish was on the menu.

A little coconut oil was heated to a nice high temperature and then the fish was placed in the pan, sizzle, sizzle, now some drizzle, of lime juice that is.


Once a sear really got going, I/he 😅 used a big squeeze of pink grapefruit over the fish. YUM!


Pan searing really keeps the fish moist, as it only takes about 4 minutes per side to cook this nice thick swordfish steak.


With fresh cabbage from the garden, the sweed made a side of coleslaw. I think coleslaw is the perfect side dish for fresh fish.


Pan seared swordfish, fried green tomatoes with a dollop of homemade sauce and a side of coleslaw...WOW. gastronomical!

IMG_4490 2.JPG

After a full throated "Happy Birthday to you", you know the song,
we dove into those pastries.


What a wonderful day it was...truly a Happy Birthday!

Have a great weekend all you funky #foodfightfriday friends, stay cool in those HOT kitchens.


I'm learning to cook, but eating still beats cooking by far.

That was a lovely birthday meal! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. So I guess I'm the older sister by a year huh?
Older maybe, wiser ? Hum, I think not. You always amaze me with your knowledge about homesteading, gardening and food prep. You go girl.
Relax and enjoy the weekend.

Yup, by about 14 months, I think...

Happy birthday Mom! You have an amazing hubby 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thank you very much.
Yes, my guy is awesome, in fact , I have jokingly been asked by some of my girlfriends if I would rent him out to them to check somethings off of their honey-do lists...hehehehe
I told them they couldn't afford him!
Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy the weekend.

Happy Birthday! 😀
You're 1 year older than I am...

Same here!

Hello there @amberyooper, I guess that makes me the older sister. Phew, time sure flies
I am just grateful my body and brain are still working...hehe
Have a pleasant weekend and thanks for your comments.

You had me at block of wood. But then the swordfish and, well, iheart swordfish--"guilty!"

Happy 66th @farm-mom! While you guys try to skip birthdays, I, for some reason, get all cranky on my birthday. I really need to work on that. issues.

How's the new bedroom coming along?

Good afternoon @dandays, thanks for the birthday wishes.
My b-day is Sept 7, I just didn't have time then to show off the sweed's culinary skills at that time.
Bob is quite a guy, I truly mean that. Even when things get a little messy, our saying is always "it could be worse,
you could be married to a dog".

You should feel the weight of that "cake", I thought it was such a great idea though and the French pastries were so much better than a cake.

The new addition is well under way and the plans are to have a wall of glass out the front with a sitting area. I love the light and the view. Should be cozy watching the snow fly , thunder storms and whatever else comes along. Maybe some deer, birds and other wildlife.
Yup, I am a lucky girl, even though my number is (66) , I still feel young at heart.
Enjoy the weekend!
Thanks for stopping in.

With comebacks like that I'd be a something bad for not stopping in.

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I'm a little late, but I hope you had a happy birthday. :-)
I love the new design of your log. Great!
I'm not a fan of sweets but sure I would like to taste yours. So beautiful. hehe