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When it comes to feeding the family, the pleasure is all mine.

Let's start will a scrumptious toasted panni .First off, you have to have a dense bread, this was a cabaña roll. I slices the rolls in half and started to load it up.


I sautéed mushrooms and broccoli, mixed some pesto with a dash of mayo, sliced tomato, thinly sliced cheddar cheese and some shredded mozzarella.


Now just pile it on, then add those sweet basil leaves to give it just the right amount of flavor and aroma.


On such a #beautifulsunday


A #sublimesunday with a gorgeous sky. Inspiring to view from my kool kitchen window.


Some fresh fruit is always a winner in my family, I serve fruit with almost every meal . It's good for digestion and fruit always pleases the sweet tooth.


Oh Grammy, you did it again, after your lunches, those silly food comas seem to hit everyone.


Pop's blueberry bombs are the best, what a way to start the day.


That veggie and ham frittata was really great too!!!


Daddy really liked the parmesan cheese mussels too.


The #farm is always so much fun and you are the best cook ever.


Happiness is a full belly. 🥘🥣🥗🍤🎂🧁🍉🥭🥑😋😍🤗

summer2010 008.JPG

Food is one thing most of us can agree on, sharing it with family and friends is what it's all about. May your bellies be full and your hearts be fuller.

Peace and love to all.


Hey @farm-mom, how I'd love to visit you, the grandkids certainly are blessed to have a Grammy & Pops like you two.
This would make a more than perfect entry for @mondoshawan's BISS, we need more entries over there and it only ends 31 Jan, just a few tags me thinks and yours will fit the bill;)

Yep, agreed... this looks awesome and would be a nice entry. Hope to see that soon with a BITE... :smirk:
^^^check the link to join the january contest...

Oh boy, now that's a challenge. Thanks for the invite.
Been traveling last few days but I think I can sneak one in.
Good day to you @mondoshawan.

For sure @farm-mom, nudge nudge nudge!

Ok girlfriend ya got me. We have been on the road the last couple days and are settling in nicely in a beautiful home rental in Cape Coral, Florida. Awesome weather.
I think I can sneak in a sandwich post before the close of January.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Have a fantastic day.

Awe I'm so happy for you and @thebigsweed, enjoy the good weather and have a fabulous break! We can't wait to get away again but this new Covid strain us still too active! Look forward to seeing a sandwich from you my friend, just remember to add a BISS sign;)
Have fun!

@lizelle, you inspire me to keep going on #hive, I really enjoy the warmth I feel when I read about others lives, how everyone is coping with all the Covid shit and methods to move forward
. Thanks for all your support.
You are a love.😘❤️🙏😎

Ditto @farm-mom that's exactly how your and @thebigsweed make me feel here on Hive;) And you've used the correct term here, I'm sooo tired of all the horrors with the Covid shit; governments meddling where they shouldn't, like with the drug Ivermectin which is mainly used by farners and vets to kill parasites but has been proven in many studies to kill Covid, yet our government are only allowing it now but under strict regulations, it's super effective at the onset of covid or even as a preventative but the red tape delays that treatment option! It is a cheap drug so the big pharmas aren't interested in supporting the use of it for Covid! We've heard of way too many deaths, some in their 20s, with this new variant!
I'll stop right there, enjoy your breakaway my friend;)

Hey friend I feel your frustration and anger, I am so sick of all the bs I really just want to fade away into the abyss.
Yet I am so happy that we were able to make it to Florida, a much warmer climate. When we left Upstate NY it was mimus 1 degree. Here now in Florida, it's 72 degrees, with sunny skies.
What's not to like?
I am a give me the light kinda person, I NEED the sunlight.

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Those picks of our granddaughters remind me of just how lucky we are.
And the pics of the food are another reminder of how lucky I was to meet you some 50 years ago.
What a great team we make, you love to cook and I love to eat!

Yay, melted cheese. who won't love that?

Oh I so agree, love grilled cheese sandwiches.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a beautiful day

You're welcome.
You have a nice day too.

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Oh yeah! I'm missing family get togethers that revolve around food! We are a group of foodies and good cooks. My tribe would get along great with your tribe!

Oh no doubt. Family is our center.
That’s why I love ya ❤️