This Is How I Like To Cook My So Spicy Pasta

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Hello ...
I love pasta, and i can eat them everyday.
So, with this video i will share about the way i usually like to cook my pasta.

The pasta that i use is from San Remo.
San Remo itself is one of my favorite pasta brand.
I love pasta from San Remo wo much.
In this video, i used Fettucine pasta.

When i boil the pasta, i put salt and pepper in the water so the pasta will be tasty even without any additional sauce.
Do you do the same too?
I find it hard to eat pasta that didnt get boiled with salt and pepper before its cooked.

For the sauce, this is the ingredients:

  • 2 Cherry Tomato
  • 1 tbs grinded chili
  • 1 sliced chili
  • A little bit of onion
  • Chili sauce

I usually like to use bell pepper too but since i run out of them and its in the middle of the night, i choose to not using them.

The taste if my pasta is so spicy and saucy its teally heavenly.
Beware for people that doesnt like or cant eat spicy food you will have an upset stomach right after eating them.

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looks so delicious

Its really delicious

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