Foodie Truck Delivery - Foodie Bee Hive Curation - 31 Dec 2020 - New Years Eve Edition

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We've scoured the foodiverse and found a bunch of great content. It's the last Food Truck delivery for this year. We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery.


Hello Foodies!

Welcome to the last Weekly Foodie Truck for this year... Sooo many great posts out there. This one turned out to be a very holiday focused post. We're out curating foodie content. Keep up with all the great posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting food-related posts.


The Top FOODIE Posts this week

We selected 12 posts this week. We curated over 215 posts this week.

Post #1 - Posted 4 days ago from @travelingmercies with 550 upvotes, and 3 comments.

A new tradition: Making holiday cookies
I am a fan of chocolate chip cookies, aside from the fact that it's so easy to whip that goodie snack, it's also nice paired with coffee. For the past...

Post #2 - Posted 4 days ago from @katiefreespirit with 416 upvotes, and 4 comments.

Lovely Christmas cookies in the shape
of various animals, incl. reindeer, with colorful sprinkles / Cudowne świąteczne ciasteczka w kształcie różnych zwierząt, renifera, z kolorową posypką

On Christmas Eve, despite the huge amount of prepared dishes, I felt the desire to bake Christmas cookies, which may be on the Christmas tree in so...

Post #3 - Posted 3 days ago from @alerojas with 110 upvotes, and 4 comments.

[Esp-Eng] Asado��🐖🐖 hecho en lea 🔥🔥con ensaada 🥗🥗/Rast 🥩🥩🐖🐖 made o firewood 🔥�

En estos días festivos, la preparación de comidas no para, así que continuamos degustando las más deliciosas carnes�😋 junto a nuestras familias, en e...

Post #4 - Posted 3 days ago from @fmbs25 with 270 upvotes, and 3 comments.

A Witch in the Kitchen: "A Panettone Recipe in My Style [EN] // Una Bruja en la Cocina: "Una Receta de Panettone a Mi Estilo" [ES]
Panettone is a sweet bread that I must say, a few years ago I hated, and that's what happens when you don't try a really good one, once you try the ri...

Post #5 - Posted 3 days ago from @bozz with 178 upvotes, and 6 comments.

Bozzlife: Christmas Deliciousness!
------------ I have a feeling this Christmas was very different for quite a number of people in the world. It certainly was for our family. Typicall...

Post #6 - Posted 3 days ago from @angeli-b with 194 upvotes, and 1 comments.

Let's make Rice �🍛 hagamos Arroz
Hola amigos, amantes de las comidas y quienes disfrutamos ese momento de estar en la cocina y preparar deliciosos platos para nuestra familia. En e...

Post #7 - Posted 2 days ago from @josecarrerag with 407 upvotes, and 9 comments.

Trifle | A Traditional Dessert to Celebrate Christmas in my Family - Un postre tradicional para celebrar la Navidad en mi familia. [ENG][ESP]
When Christmas arrives, many homes around the world usually hold dinners to celebrate what Christmas means, a celebration that is charged with many c...

Post #8 - Posted 2 days ago from @macchiata with 640 upvotes, and 5 comments.

Easy I Fu Mie (Crispy Noodle With Sauce/Soup) Recipe
In Indonesia, some of the country's best cuisine is Chinese Indonesian, commonly known as Tionghoa- Indonesia cuisine. The food from Tionghoa-Indone...

Post #9 - Posted 2 days ago from @katiefreespirit with 129 upvotes, and 1 comments.

One of my favorite dishes - stuffed
eggs :) They are quick to make and taste delicious! / Jedno z moich ulubionych dań - jajka faszerowane :) Szybko się je robi i pysznie smakują!

Today I will write about one of my favorite dishes that I ate in my childhood and I love it now that I am an adult :) This dish is eggs stuffed wit...

Post #10 - Posted 2 days ago from @ladyfont with 159 upvotes, and 1 comments.

Turkish Pilaf - Cooked in two parts
I love to prepare pilaf rice especially when at home we have foods left from yesterday meals. In Venezuela we name this rice "Calentado de sobras". I...

Post #11 - Posted 2 days ago from @fermentedphil with 153 upvotes, and 2 comments.

How I Make Basil Pesto Pasta With Home Grown Basil
I think homegrown basil is superior to store-bought. The flavour is more intense and it harvested at its peak. There is also something special to maki...

Post #12 - Posted 1 day ago from @txatxy with 256 upvotes, and 10 comments.

Great meals for the holidays-Grandes comidas para las fiestas
Hello friends The last week of the year. In these times is where the pleasure of the palate wins and our meals become more succulent and special. I s...


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Excellent articles! Continue on with the wondreful work you are doing, encouraging posts on food and sharing of recipes! Happy New Year, more power to you!

Happy new year! :)

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