Post of the month and Poster of the month Winners for January !

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So the The first month of 2021 is over and we are into the 2nd month. Hope everyone is aware of the Running contest ! Post of the month and Poster of the month.

In case there are new joiners just to refresh! Here are the rules For Post of the month Contest.

Every month we will select the best post of the month basis votes received on the posts. The winner receives 5000 Foodie tokens! The runner up gets 2000 Foodie Tokens. The Winners are chosen basis the number of UPVOTES RECEIVED. So go ahead and tag your friends and followers.

The rules are: -

  • Original content only.
  • Must be posted directly into the Foodie Community.
  • Should be among the posts curated by the curators.
  • New Winner every month. NO repeats.
  • Trying to game the system will get you banned.
  • Posts can be on Recipes, Food Walks, Reviews and Food Culture etc.
  • Language no bar, but it helps to write in languages our curators currently support.
  • In case of disputes the decision of the curation team is Final!

The Hashtag for the same is Foodiepom . Only posts with this hashtag will qualify.

The 2nd contest is Poster of the month. The contest for someone who engages with content and members in the community. The Winner is chosen by the number of upvotes given and comments. The value of upvotes in not that important provided its in sync with your hive power. If your HP is low and your vote is low, That's Fine. However, A small vote from a user with huge HP is going to get less weightage.

Winners gets 5000 Tokens. Since this is subjective the decision of the curators is binding.

The rules for super coolness: -

1 – You have to be Cool or maybe Hot ! Since it’s food we are talking about!
2- Moderators are NOT eligible.
3 - Ask not what the community can do for you, instead ask what you can do for the community :D You have to be someone who interacts frequently either with posts or comments or upvotes. <<-- Point 3 is important !
4- Every Month will have a new winner. No Repeats.
5- Since interaction is a subjective matter the decision taken by Foodies shall be binding.

That’s it! All you have to do is have a whole lot of fun and it could land you a whole bunch of Foodie Tokens.

The initiative has been be in effect from the 1st of November 2020 and will run till November 2021. We will have 12 winners. Post of the month will also have 12 runner ups.

So lets get to the winners for January 2021.

Drrrrrr (Drum Rolls)

The Winners for the month January 2021 Post of the month is @silversaver888.
For this wonderful post on Dimsums.


Nice Formatted recipe. Even a novice can see and replicate this dish. These are the kind of recipes we look for at Foodiesunited.

The Runner up for the month is @afterglow For this post on Ginisang. Same feedback. Well formatted recipe that anyone can replicate. Kudos :)


The Winner gets 5000 Foodie Tokens and the Runner up gets 2000 Foodie Tokens.

Congratulations to both the Winners.

A special shout out to @discoveringarni for this amazing post below. Too bad the hashtag ( foodiepom) was missed out. We would encourage you to add the Hashtag #foodiepom to enter the contest every month.

This is a great example of what a perfect food recipe post looks like. Nice neat steps, good formatting and wonderful pictures. Well Done ! We will send you 250 Foodie Tokens.


POSTER of the Month contest

The Winner of this months Poster of the month contest is @yiobri

Thank you so much @yiobri for the time and attention you have paid to the community. This is an award we give out to extraordinary members who have shown their commitment and given time to us by interacting and commenting and upvoting posts in Foodieunite. @yiobro Congratulations ! and Thank YOU ! Please accept a small amount of 5000 Foodie coins from us as a token of appreciation.

Thank you everybody. Please remember the Post of the month and Poster of the month contests for February are currently on! So share your posts with us and interact with the community, and who knows you might take home the next lot of 5000 Foodie tokens.

Wishing everyone a warm and happy Valentine's day in advance :)



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We saw a bunch of great posts on the Engage the weekend community. Hope you saw our repost of it as it was all about food!

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January announcement for the Decemeber Winners

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Woot, woot!!!
Thank you very much!!!
And CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

Hi FIVE and FIST BUMPS All Around for Ms. Saver @silversaver888 !!!

Thanks, @stokjockey!

Congratulations to the winners and I wish all who are planning to join the best in the contest. Indeed, there is a lot of fun in winning and good contents pays.

Thank you very very much, this is unexpected, regards to all of the people that make this possible.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Congrats again everyone! @silversaver888, @afterglow, @discoveringarni, @yiobri your FOODIE bounty reward has been sent, check your balances on or Hive-engine.

Thank you sooo much for supporting the community - keep it up!

Thank you very much @foodiesunite

Thank you so much @foodiesunite

Thanks, @foodiesunite!

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You made more than 4000 comments.
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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Time to go on your Hive Tour

Congrats to the winners!

I've delegated to Foodiesunite


Guauo! Congratulations to all the winners! Good job.

Thank you very much friends, Sorry for the delay in answering