Post of the Month Contest - We are giving away more than 5000 Foodie tokens !

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It’s been long since we spoke!

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes so that we can make this the best food community not just on Hive network but the whole of the crypto verse. That’s just the starting point. Eventually we will look to become the best food destination on the web.

The advantage we have over others is that we can be a platform that can support multiple success stories, unlike legacy blogs which are owned by a single person. Also, we have our own landing URL which makes us part of Hive but also gives us a separate presence and entity. In simple words it makes branding a lot easier. We also have our own token. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Speaking of cakes, does anyone have a yummy, easy to make cake recipe? We would love to bake one! And guess what it could also land you a ton of Foodie tokens!

No! We are not giving away foodie tokens in return for a cake recipe! Wait a min! Actually, we can if the recipe is good enough! But that is not the scope of this post!
We have some good news to share: -

1- We have been selected by OCD under the community incubation programme as one of the communities to be supported. This means the best posts from this community will now be curated and presented to OCD for some nice upvotes!

2- We have decided to actively engage with our community and we come up with new ways to reward their contribution.

Foodies has decided to create a series of initiatives to encourage on boarding, retention and sustained contribution to the community. We will start with the low hanging fruits! Never knew the English lexicon had so many food references until I started writing this post! Daymn!

The first one we are introducing is the “Post of the month”. Every month we will select the best post of the month. The winner receives 5000 Foodie tokens! The rules are: -

  • Original content only.
  • Must be posted directly into the Foodie Community.
  • Should be among the posts curated by the curators.
  • Will NOT be one of the posts sent to OCD for upvotes.
  • New Winner every month. NO repeats.
  • Trying to game the system will get you banned
  • Posts can be on Recipes, Food Walks, Reviews and Food Culture etc.
  • Language no bar, but it helps to write in languages our curators currently support.
  • In case of disputes the decision of the curation team is Final!

So, what are we waiting for?

Bring that big turkey out or bake an exotic cake for your Dog or Take your boss to that fancy expensive restaurant that leaves you broke and tell us all about it!
You could be the next winner of 5000 Foodies tokens.

Till next time!

Cheers !


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ALL you foodies come and gather with us in #foodie on!


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We too like tasty munchies and would really like it if you shared snacks with us...

That's a nice contest.

This is what I made and the last piece is for the dogs

just heard about it now, im interested to start doing some review :)

Awesome, hope to see many reviews from you!

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Hello everyone! I am new to Hive and i will start uploading gastronomic content :) I was interested in this but I really don't know what tokens are. Can you explain me?

Is it okay that I use the "foodie-lines" and banner you have, in my coming posts?
I want them to be nicer :D