Thurs Team Dinner - Back To The Barbie!

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Though the entire household is weary from the week's work, we rallied to make a fantastic dinner. Everyone enjoyed it but only some of us made it to the dinner table.

As a main course, we decided upon chicken wings. CostCo sells these big bags for a deal and we always make sure we have a bag on hand in the freezer.


Like most meat I grill, the wings and drumsticks start on high heat. All the dials turned up! By the time I've laid all the wings out, it's time to go back to the first ones and start flipping.

Once I'm done flipping the wings for the first time, it's ok to turn the heat down. You can go all the way down or nearly to the bottom of the dial.


A good looking close up as the wings near completion. Once the heat is down, I'll flip them every 5 or so minutes. Total cook time is around 35 - 40 minutes, depending on how low you bring down the heat.


These are the same ingredients we use to make our rib rub. The only difference is we don't use any sugar as a base. Just the spices.


And we can't forget the Butt Rub. We picked up an extra bottle in case CostCo decides not to carry it anymore.


We do have BBQ sauce but as an option, we always have Frank's Hot Sauce on the table!


There's the table all set up. For side dishes we served cauliflower smothered in a creamy blend of cheese and an artichoke casserole.


Cream cheese and cheddar melted down and poured on top of four types of cauliflower!


This artichoke casserole comes packaged fresh from CostCo. It has pasta, chicken chunks, and of course, pieces of artichoke hearts mixed in.


And finally, the wings all cooked and ready for dunking in BBQ or Frank's Hot Sauce.


Three out of four family members made it to the table. Once again, my wife opted out. You can sorta see her reflection in the sliding glass doorframe.

Our youngest one, Logan, is missing from the table. He's been struggling of late. Stuck at home with no physical school to attend while dealing with autism isn't much fun. On top of that, he's going through puberty.

But that's a tale for a different post.

Hope you enjoyed the food write up.


Images Courtesy Of My Galaxy S10+
Bottom Image Courtesy Of Brand Assets


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Hubby would absolutely LOVE those wings! He's a huge fan of Frank's Hot Sauce! It's a must-have condiment in our house.

Whoever made that stuff is a sauce genius. It may sound like a joke but that Butt Rub is also something to grab if you ever see it.

Thanks for the curation Goldendawn! 😁

Manually curated by goldendawne from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!