We Got Our Baby Back! - Sat Night Grilling

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What's cooking on a Saturday evening? Mmmmmm good Baby-Back Ribs!!! Food isn't a frequent post topic on my blog, but maybe it should be.

My wife Erin is the true cook of the family. She knows what she's doing in the kitchen and likes to go above and beyond.

For this evening's dinner showcase, I'll share with you my process of cooking BBQ Baby-Back Ribs. You'll also aquire the ingredients for the rub my lady mixes up.

Finally, see the captured pics of the final result. The dinner table set with all the food and kids ready to eat. My good woman wasn't feeling photogenic the night and decided it would be better to opt out.


The BBQ is all fired up, brushed off and ready to go. I always start the grill with all the dials turned all the way up. It helps burn off remnants and make it easier to brush.

It's also where I want the heat when I first throw the ribs on top of the fire!! 🔥🔥🔥


There you have the ribs, all rubbed up and ready to go. It's 5:37 PM and time to throw those babies on the fire.


On top heat, it only takes 5 - 6 minutes on each side to sear a solid crust on the outside of the meat. This helps keep the juices in as the ribs finish cooking slowly over low heat.


See the ribs with that crispy seal from the seating. They're starting to come along.


Bone side up now, it's time to turn the heat down all the way to low. Here the ribs will cook until finished.

I do flip the ribs as they cook, giving about 5 minutes with the bones up. 10 minutes is a good mark before flipping when the bones are down.

The object here is to keep the ribs from flaming up and ensure a thorough cooking.




6:31 PM. Cooked to perfection! Total cook time of 56 minutes. At this point the Baby-Back Ribs get covered in tinfoil and put in the oven. No heat in the oven but just to help keep the ribs warm.

With my wife now finishing up the salad and mashed potatoes, it's a good point to show off the rub she makes for the ribs.

You can play with the amounts. We go heavier on the sugar as a base then add in the following ingredients.


Like I said, the base of granulated and brown sugar are important. If you can find BUTT RUB, don't pass up the opportunity. This stuff rules the rub! We picked up two at CostCo!


That's does it for the rub. Now with everything ready, it's time to sit down, give thanks, and eat!




Quits a meal if I do say so myself. Boy was I hungry and ready. So was everyone else! Like I mentioned, there's no sign of my wife when it's picture time!


With everyone else ready to eat, I can now sit down and enjoy my own plate. All this in the image below turned quickly into a lump in my stomach.


And now after putting this post together, I'm just about cooked myself. Have a good night and see you all tomorrow.


Images Courtesy Of My Galaxy S10+
Bottom Image Courtesy Of Hive.io Brand Assets


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