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Close to a month ago I wished @intothewild a happy birthday on this post. He knows I am a total foodie and needless to say challenged me to put forward a "steak and eggs" breakfast post. "Pronto" was the demand of the day, which is a ball I dropped, but better late than never...right?!


As a mother I cook every single day of the week, so my "foodie" posts go through stages really... primarily because in order for me to actually POST about it - I absolutely HAVE to be inspired, and when you spend a large part of your EVERY day in the kitchen, it can become challenging to find inspiration to not only prepare and cook something creative, but to document the process in between everything else you have going on around you.

Interestingly enough, I have been having some pretty late nights recently - or should I say, early mornings... yet, my gas tank has been FULL! So very, very full! I have had this "challenge" in the back burner of my mind for a while... because I like to push creative boundaries... but I needed to be in the right head space to make something worthwhile of it. I have had a few "foodie" convo's with @galenkp of late and I know that "breakfast for dinner" is something he enjoys - so this one goes out to him :)

Breakfast for Dinner - "Jaynie Style"

There are a few simple things which (to my mind anyway) are required on a breakfast plate. Egg, bacon, tomato, mushroom, onion and steak if it is the best kind of breakfast. So here it is... My take on "breakfast for dinner".


Probably one of the simplest and most deliciously decadent plates of food known to mankind - leave it to me to complicate it though, haha! Challenge accepted. Fried tomatoes are normally the order of the day on a breakfast plate, but I opted to roast them... with a little finely chopped rosemary, salt, pepper and literally a grain or two of sugar.



I would normally drizzle the tomatoes with a little olive oil before shoving them into the oven at 250 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, but there was a little bit of bacon left over from the pasta dish I made the other night and I am VERY much a "waste not want not" kinda gal... Also, what breakfast would be complete without a bit 'o bacon ;)

So, I decided to finely chop the already cooked bacon, and add it to the spread of tomatoes which were ready for roasting. Whilst the roasted tomatoes were set to be roasted and juicy, I wanted those little bacon bits to be charred and crunchy. They were tiny enough in size to get away with that bold level of flavour.




Once the tomatoes and bacon were done and dusted, I got the onions on the go. Onions on a breakfast plate come in MANY varying forms. Personally, I love them all - but considering there would be steak on the plate WITHOUT an actual sauce (other than the yolk of the egg) I figured a nice caramelised onion would go down well!


I sliced two onions into thick-ish rings, threw them into a pot with a little olive oilliciou, salt, balsamic vinegar and our South African "Mrs Balls Chutney". Fried those up until the excess liquid was gone and they turned deliciously golden looking.




Next on the agenda was the tatoes! The MOST important part of the plate in my opinion... because I am a total CARB JUNKIE!!! lol! I par-boiled some baby potatoes. This means putting them into already boiling water for approx. 7 min. Drained them and left them to cool. Once they were cooled, I sliced them in half and allowed them to cool further.



The tomatoes had just come out of the oven so I shoved another oven tray with a little oil in while the going was good. Gave it five minutes to heat up and whilst that was busy, I took the cooled, halved par-boiled jacket potatoes and tossed them in some salt and potato spice.



Baked those babies for a good 30+ min, tossing them every 10 minutes or so. Being that they were par-boiled, the cooking was not really an issue - only the browning and crisping. Once done, I shoved them into a dripping tray o get rid of the excess oil.




Next up on the prep menu was shrooms of the normal kind lol. I chose baby mushrooms, because.... well, they are just CUTER! Popped those into a pot with nothing other than a little veg spice and olive oil. Fried them for a good 10+ min. Got them good and golden!



Almost there... up next was the steak. I am a "matured" and RARE, blood gravy kinda girl... I wanted the steaks to be really PEPPERED! Prepped a plate of olive oil, salt and plenty a pepper for each stack of meat to lay down and bathe in. I am busy listening to Marilyn Manson's "7 Day Binge" song whilst I write this... think it's influencing the descriptions much? lol!!!!! I de-railed.... STEAKS!



1.5 min per side for me and 3.5 for those less inclined to rare. Put those aside in foil to rest. I made use of an old bowl to create the "surround" for sides and pretty much "threw" all the above mentioned around it. All that was left was to add the onion base, steak and then the egg. I was pretty happy with the end result....

20210302_190902 - Copy.jpg

20210302_191335 - Copy.jpg


After removing the bowl, I decided this would be the perfect foundation for the caramelised onions....


and then, last but most definitely NOT least... the EGG!!! I have NEVER been a fan a "perfectly" shaped egg, but given the rustic style intended for the plate - I thought it would make a good balance and was willing to make the exception.


A pretty "average" breakfast - just served a little differently. I thought it turned out alright.





There it is folks!

Hope it was as good for YOU as it was for me!

@galenkp - bon appetit!
@intothewild - challenge completed.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






You sure know how to make an Aussie man's breakfast-dinner look like a complete dog's breakfast Jaynie. Mine wasn't quite as good as yours. This is something else!

I like how you make it all sound so easy...Then I throw some of this on, and sprinkle some of that right before I drizzle on some of this, and make a round egg.

It's quite clear there's more to it than that. You think it out, you know what you're doing, clearly, and passion for it guides you.

This is how a food blog should be presented...But then, I'm not surprised you have put this together so well. I'd expect nothing less, and you'd give nothing less.

The key take-away here is that you like to cook and you are very good at it, even with simple things like breakfast-dinner's. The other observation I have made is that you have made a very legit Jaynie-version...And, I happen to like breakfast-dinners, as you have mentioned...Hmm, there's a link there methinks. Hint hint.

P.s. The grain of sugar on the tomatoes...Stealing it! (Don't even care. MINE).

Mine wasn't quite as good as yours. This is something else!

Well, that WAS the point! A "special occasion" warrants it.

This is how a food blog should be presented...But then, I'm not surprised you have put this together so well. I'd expect nothing less, and you'd give nothing less.

Thank you! I appreciate that. I love to cook and even more so, when inspired to do so.

P.s. The grain of sugar on the tomatoes...Stealing it! (Don't even care. MINE).

All yours! Can't have you preparing roasted tomatoes without that little sprinkling :D

Special occasions do deserve a little extra effort. I hope yours was nice and future ones will exceed expectations also.

My tomatoes will never be the same after I deploy this ninja-level-tomato-sugar trick...But I'd rather you make them for me...Sounds way easier and would make them tastier.

But I'd rather you make them for me...Sounds way easier and would make them tastier.

Would be my pleasure.

[G-dog reaches for his diary...]


Ok this could seriously be one dish I can do for the fam bam here. And I saw some great things I don’t use or do. I did see the potatoe spicies and we carry them here aswell. Fun to see and the secret also a great olive oil! Great share dear
Happy Wednesday

Nothing beats a good olive oil! Glad you picked up some ideas from it love. As for the Ina Paarmens spices... they are the SHIZ NIZ!

That's not an average breakfast I must say. You did a long process and a lot of ingredients before the main dish. It's nice, it's so creative and looks delicious.

Inspired by passion and totally worth the effort! :) Thanks for the compliment!

Looks delicious, very creative and also pleasing for the eyes. I have to try this weekend also, I will see if it comes so great out as your, I hope Thanks for the ideas!

Thank you very much for the lovely compliment :)

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!

Way to get after it @jaynie!

I’m gonna have to give you a run for your money here soon and see if I can’t one up ya ;)

HA!!! Glad it put a smile on your dial.

I’m gonna have to give you a run for your money here soon and see if I can’t one up ya ;)

Good luck with that :)

Wow @jaynie, I think I need a cigarette... and I don't even smoke!

That's a spectacular feast... a lot more than just "steak and eggs."


hahaha!!! Thanks @denmarkguy :) That is quite the compliment right there!

Love your Foodie post!

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Yum!!!! Everything looks sooo good! I think us South Africans cook quite similarly which is cool to see! But I think I’ll stick to baking. I was thinking of posting my crustless quiche (photographed the steps and everything) and then my family went and ate it all before I could photograph the final cooked quiche!!! So disappointing. Guess I’ll have to make it again 😂. Well done to you!

Yeah we definitely do have some common threads. Now on the baling again... not something I am good at haha. We will have to trade prepped goods haha! Thanks for the lovely comment and for stopping by hon!

Ah the plating is so pretty! This is quite a lofty breakfast, so appetizing. I am sure that Galen would eat this without even blinking!

Thank you sweetie!

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