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A Nice & Juicy N.Y. Strip Steak to Celebrate Bitcoin - To $40,000 and Beyond!

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A Nice & Juicy N.Y. Strip Steak to Celebrate Bitcoin

To $40,000 and Beyond!

Bitcoin has been on a roll lately! And I have been eating a lot of steak. I moved out to a little farm town and the cuts of meat out here are ridiculously affordable. I've been stopping into the market and snagging a few steaks roughly every other day. I recently cooked up a New York Strip to celebrate the price of bitcoin. Over the past week bitcoin has soared to upwards of $41,000.


Over the last few days, bitcoin retracted down to about $32,000. But today it began moving back on up. Currently the price of one bitcoin is almost $38,000. At this rate, it seems like we will be over $40K (and beyond) in the coming days. I'm extremely bullish, and my plate has been showing it. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we moon! Sláinte, folks!



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