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My kids requested snacks today, so I immediately searched what is available in our tray. Alas! I saw ingredients perfect for pancakes and some grains of popcorn. It's my 5th time cooking pancakes for them. So, this time, I want to try with a twist, which is to add milo to it. So excited!😍


Hello Hivers, hello friends! Welcome to my blog once again! Today, I'm gonna show you the recipe for the all-time favorite of my kids, the pancake.

Disclaimer: This is only my way of cooking homemade pancakes. To add, I also included the easy-to-cook popcorn.

First, I prepared a clean basin, spoon and fork, and frying pan. Then, the ingredients of the pancake. Here we go!


1 cup of cake flour, then spread evenly.

Add a pinch of baking powder.

An egg

1 tablespoon of sugar


1 tablespoon of powdered milk and condensed milk


1 cup of water

Let's mix!

Add one teaspoon of oil. You can also use melted margarine to make it more aromatic. Then mix!

And... The twist! I poured the 1 sachet of milo into the basin.

Then I mixed it constantly to remove the bubbles with flour in it.

Let's start cooking! Heat the frying pan then, put a small amount of oil and spread evenly. Then, ½ cup of the prepared mixture of pancakes. Although it has a few bubbles later it was gone.

Here it is! It's all cooked. But wait... I think I want something to add. Hmmm...


Aha! It's chocolate syrup, but it's an improvised topping 😁. I melted the chocolate filling available in our tray and put in a clean plastic and squeeze it on top of the pancake and Viola! Perfect for us.

Here's the outside view of the finished product! Chaar!

Next was an easy-to-cook popcorn.

Just prepare one-half cup of popcorn grains. You can also add some if you want. This amount is good for us only that could make one basin, hehe.

In a pan, put an amount of oil. Let it heat for seconds then put the popcorn grains and stir.

Cover it when it starts popping.




It's already cooked! Transfer it to the basin.



Add powdered cheese. Cover. Shake it, until it's all mixed. You can also use salt if you don't want to use cheese, or just no flavor will do, it's also yummy.

Tadaah! It's all done! Ready to eat. While capturing this, my kids were ready to attack the food! Haha. Sorry kids for waiting 😁.



Here they are patiently waiting and finally, it's time to eat!

I feel elated seeing them happily eating their snacks. My son always requests pancakes and is seconded by my daughter so, I can't turn down the request but deal with it.

Thank you for reading Hivers and see you soon on my blog. Keep safe and God bless everyone!


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It seems to taste very good, and I will try to make it Like the recipe you have shared

Yes! Try it at home it's very tasty.

Hopefully I can make like you😄😄

I also love popcorn, it's the kind of food that makes you want to pop it in your mouth, lol... and yes the pancake looks good as well. Thank for sharing...

Hehe, thanks. It's just my food experiment then, however my kids liked it so, here it is.

Ansarap te nung pagkakaluto mo sa pancakes haha. Favorite ko yan lalo na kapag gusto kong magmeryenda. Personally, hindi talaga ako kumakain ng pop corn para kasing ewan haha.

Hehe masarap talaga ang pancake at syempre ang popcorn, try it soon, masarap talaga.hehe

You have prepared pancakes and popcorn, which are among the most favorite foods of children, congratulations.

Hehehe, thank you. Indeed their favorite 😊

Step-by-step recipes are dishes that readers can make even after many years have passed. You explained it very simply and in detail, thank you.


I love the final result, looks very beautiful and yummy. Weldon.

Thanks! It's yummy 😊 heehehe

That's at least an interesting method of cooking pancakes. Loved it! And I bet the taste is also delicious!

Indeed! It's delicious, hehe. Anyway, thank you for dropping by.

Big hugs❤️

What a combination! wow!

My kids will love it. I need to try this 😂

Yes! Try it at home. Your kids will love it😊

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You did great with the popcorn and pancakes because they looks yummy😋

Hehe, thanks 😊

@jobeliever 😋 i love pancake

Happy Kiddos... Busog lusog sa home cooked snacks ni mommy..❤️

Yes hehehe. Thank you ❤️

What a cleaver idea. My son would love adding Milo to the pancake, have to try. The pops looks delicious.

Hehe, a must try experiment miss.

Thank you 😊