Water Hyacinth Pakoras Recipe 👨‍🍳 Eat Your Flowers 🌺 From Swamp To Table

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Swamp to table may not sound very delicious, but I assure you these water hyacinth pakoras will blow your mind and your taste buds. 🤯

Eat Your Flowers Folks 👩‍🌾

     Water hyacinth pakoras were one of our trademark dishes at our former Ital restaurant in Cambodia, and I thought these flowers would be plentiful in Suriname knowing they are native to the Amazon.

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photography success

     After almost two years in Suriname, we'd nearly given up on Mission Water Hyacinth Pakoras, but @Sreypov recently discovered them growing in a ditch near our apartment, picked as many as she could, and I promised to make one of our family's all-time favorite snacks.

Monkey-B foraging while focusing on not falling in

     This Amazon flower is commonly found in Cambodian markets, but here in the Amazon no one we've met considers it to be edible. It is an invasive and aggressive species, so you're unlikely to eat it out of existence if you find a patch of them growing near your home.

Water Hyacinth Pakoras Ingredients


  • water hyacinth flowers | 12 to 14 stalks
  • besan | 1 cup
  • rice flour | 3 tbsp
  • coriander powder | 1 tbps
  • cumin seeds | 1 tsp
  • green chilies | 2x (minced)
  • fresh coriander | 2 tbsp (minced)
  • salt | ¾ tsp
  • water | ¾ to 1 cup

👨‍🍳 Let's Cook These Pretty Purple Swamp Flowers 🔥



     Place all the ingredients minus the flowers and in a bowl of sufficient size, and add about half of water.



     Slowly stir the ingredients while adding a little extra water bit by bit until you've got a batter the consistency of dosas/pancakes.



     These flowers have layers similar to lemongrass, green onions or banana trees, so be sure you've stripped off all they layers containing hard green leaves before we begin deep-frying.



     Heat a wok or pan with at least an inch (3cm) of oil, and put a flower in your pakora batter. Make sure it is thoroughly coated with the batter.



     Remove the flower by the stem and hang it upside down for a few seconds, allowing the excess batter to drip back into the bowl.



     Gently drop a flower into the hot oil and deep-fry it just as would anything that's not a flower. Fry the flowers one-by-one, turning a few times while frying to make sure each pakora browns evenly. Remove the pakoras with a slotted spoon and place a on paper towel to absorb any excess oil.

🍽️ Eat Your Swamp Flower Pakoras With Loved Ones 🥰


     Serve these pakoras with your favorite chutney, relish, or dipping sauce. In this case we chose piccalilli, a mustard-like pickle very common here in Suriname.





     As you can see we have some very satisfied customers, Hive's very own @KidSisters. Srey-Yuu almost missed out on this delicious snack because she was super busy preparing her first digital artwork for the NFT Showroom. Nothing like swamp flowers to keep the creative vibes flowing.


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First thing that comes to mind, what health benefits do these flowers have? Second thing, I need to find out how they taste. Send me the coordinates of this golden pit of flowers so I can harvest a kilogram or two :)

Well, they are delicious, and that is most important. The health benefits are Cambodians eat a ton of them and are able to ride a bicycle well into their 80s. They might help you to be a better senior cyclist. The flower pit is around the corner from our place. Lemmetjestraat around the corner from our place. !ENGAGE 25

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Allrighty then....let's get out those ninja suits! We might find some coconuts along the way hahaha

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I myself didn't know about this. I know that some flowers are edible but I don't think I've had those before. Thank you for sharing this recipe, so we know which route to go if we ever want to try it out 😅

Pakoras is the best way in my opinion, but many Cambodians eat them raw with smashed chili dips. Khmers also like to eat raw with fish and use these flowers in soups too. Free food is the best food. !ENGAGE 20

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

Hahahaa yah man, free stuff is fun, but the best of all is free food 😅
Thanks for those options by the way. @rarej does this look like something we can cook/try out?

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It’s was delicious but you make it a little, I have only two flowers😞.

Sorry, these flowers take so much batter. Next time I will make a big bowl of batter. !ENGAGE 10

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Thank you before you make it again 😊

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Nice very nice Send 2 fritters for me too i love to eat too this is my favorite thing

Thanks, you also eat water hyacinth. Very nice to know other people in other places eat them too. !ENGAGE 10

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