Blog #79: Having Dinner @ Club Serena Resort

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Hey Hivers!

I was delighted of the late afternoon view in Moalboal White Sand Beach. Alone, I had enjoyed the long walk and the scenic view. Sight seeing, hiking and taking photos are the great things I enjoy while staying in the place.


After a long walk, I searched for a restaurant where I can have my dinner. My activity late in the afternoon truly consumed my energy so I had decided to have a heavy dinner. Although it is not good to eat too much in the evening but I never cared about it that time. I was starving and it made me feel weak (lol).


As I checked which restaurant near me, it appeared its Club Serena Resort. Although I did not check-in there but they would still cater other customers aside from their own guests. It was only few meters away from the place where I stopped hiking. I headed there to check the place.


The pleasing vibe of the restaurant welcomed me. It was so tranquil and I only heard good music around the corner.


It was almost 6:00PM when I arrived and I was the first customer of the restaurant. I had the privileged to roam around and took photos of the place. The size of the building is not enormous.


If some other guests would like to eat outside, the resort has also provided tables and chairs under the kalachuchi trees where guests would truly enjoy the stunning view of the beach.


The calm atmosphere helps me to breathe and unwind. When it comes to service, I was not reluctant to approach the staffs because they are friendly and accommodating. I could say that they were suited of their chosen field.


I ordered grilled pork for my dinner. And since I felt guilty because I had consumed too much meat in the last few days I also ordered hot tea.


Grilled Pork with Atchara


Hot Tea


My experience at Club Serena Resort was exceptional. The food was great, the place has a pleasant ambiance and the service they gave was outstanding.


I could not say if they could still give that kind of service when they are busy. But as what I had experienced, they did their job well.

If some of you here haven't not been to Moalboal yet and has plan of going, you may try Club Serena Resort. It was a great place to relax and chill. They also have an amazing workers.


Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Some photos were edited using Canva


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Sukad-sukad wla pa jud ko ka laag ug moalboal ba.. gnhan ko mka try sa ila sardine run..

Basta lagi sir kung taga south mao nuon ang wala pa naka adtu kay magsalig ra nga anytime kung gustoun malaag ra dayun unlike sa taga lagyo

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