Roasted corn trending because this is the season

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Always my pleasure to be here, hope you all had a blissful day.

This life there is a season for everything this I grow up to discover. In every season you will see a lot of things and it only last for that season once that season is out, you will not find that particular thing again.
So I discover this season in Nigeria especially in the Southern part of Nigeria my state to be precisely Akwa Ibom State there is no where you will enter now that you will not see this particular subject that I'm gonna write about.




"Corn" also known as Maize I remember few month ago March was planting season just two month later every where is corn you turn your right, left, front, back all you see is corn. And is so amazing that I don't like it the painful part is you going out with someone all of the sudden you will hear the person saying wait for me let me buy corn the funny part is this corn is prepared in different way both in the house and roadside. The roadside hawkers even make it worse they will introduce something like coconut, pears all this just to use it with the corn and enjoy yourself.





So yesterday I visited one of my trouble shooter that sit by the roadside she roast corn by the roadside and sell when she saw me she was happy because she knew I will help her in the roasting of the corn. Immediately she saw me she run to the to eat, you can imagine how this could be she left house very early morning to harvest the corn from the farm, and from the farm to her business premises without eating but she was standing there pretending to be fine just to satisfy her customers seeing me was a great privilege for her So exactly as she thought I helped her at least I roasted like six corn and sell before she returned.




Do you know roadside hawkers really make money daily? That I also learned yesterday according to her she said, she bought corn (maize) of fifteen thousand Naira that yesterday but before a twinkle of an eye she was done selling that is a quick business isn't it?. You know this fresh corn has is own disadvantages which is if you don't consume it while is fresh, you may not enjoy it again the next day so many people like the fresh corn that is the roasted one and it is only the roadside hawkers that can roast it very well. So if you come around my state this season you will be amazed by the troops of cars you will see park by the roadside just to get roast corn.

Even the by passers will be walking and be eating corn on the road this is hilarious
This make me wondering if I'm really missing out still contemplating may be one day I will give it a try because the way this corn is trending right now is amazing but I love it when I see people enjoying it and buying it like no man business. According to them they say corn is Man Power. So am still on the research because I don't know which power the corn is giving soon I will get it right. But at the same time even though I don't like eating I think it belong to a class of food that give energy and also very good source of fruit.

This is the season so who ever that like it please should go ahead and enjoy it. it is a natural food that is what makes it good for the body there are many way to prepare it which is
If you don't like it cook,
You can roast it,
Or you can fry it
It can be cook as porridge
But the most trending one I easily found is roasted and it is only the roadside hawkers that can handle this particular one very well.


IMG_20220620_160836_8.jpg customer mocking me that this business does not fit me but I enjoy doing what I did in that few minutes I helped.

So yesterday I join the roadside hawkers to do this roadside business it was fun I enjoyed doing it. This is why we should patronise this hawkers is not easy but I wish them nothing but more profit in their small scale business because one day I know their story will change for good this wish goes to the diligence ones.

Thank you for your time hope this was useful. If you are one of those that like corn please go ahead and enjoy it is a good choice very soon I will join the trend.