BISS of February - Avo & Egg Open-Face Sandwich

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Why hide a pretty face when you have one to show off?


I simply could not squash this gorgeous Avo twirl and sunny Eggs in between two slices of bread and hide away all that beauty now, could I?


It's Avocado season here in Kwazulu Natal and a number of our friends have massive trees heavily laden with Avos; way too much for one household so it's customary to pass on a bag of Avos to friends and neighbours!
I received much more than just this basket full but passed some onto our housekeeper; that one tree will be supplying quite a number of people with good nourishment.

Interesting to learn that Avocados contain more potassium than a Banana, is loaded with dietary fiber, and contains healthy fats that lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol!

The inspiration for this sandwich came from Lisa of Healthy Nibbles And Bits but both my attempts at making a beautiful Avocado Rose like Lisa's failed, and turned into Avo Twirls, but it still looks pretty enough I think!
Check out her page if you'd like to attempt making an Avocado Rose.
This was my first attempt, the second one looked a little prettier but I only took pics of that on the sandwich!
Avo twirl.jpg

As this was a breakfast sandwich and I had a hungry man waiting for his promised Avo & Egg Sandwich, there was no time to play in the kitchen.
I have to add, my brain takes many hours to wake up properly, I'm not a morning person at all!

What is required?


  • 2 slices Linseed Bread
  • 1 Tbsp Horseradish Sauce
  • 1 soft-med boiled Egg, sliced
  • 1/2 Avocado, sliced as in the earlier pic and twisted to form a twirl
  • Fennel
  • Herb Salt

Nothing could be easier than this, breakfast's up, so come and join us!

Hope you enjoyed my Avo & Egg Open Faced Sandwich made especially for @mondoshawan's Blockchain's International Sandwich Squad - February Contest
20 Hive up for grabs thanks to generous sponsorship by @thekittygirl and @blackberryskunk, so come along and show us your sandwich!


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You made it delicious and healthy again @lizelle!
Such a nice presentation on avocado! Thank you for explaining us, how to slice it in such a beautiful shape.
I had an emotional month and I didn't take so much time for the hive, to be completely honest, I also have a very tiny budget for the month, because I bought lots of seeds and some tools for my garden. I'm getting super excited as its becoming warm here, I can already smell sweet spring flowers in the air.
I will sill try to come up with something easy next week. :)

Peace Love and Sandwichness my friend. Easy is excellent for sure for sure... 😊

I'm sorry to hear that my friend,
sending you a beeeg virtual hug! I really hope to see your sandwich, was talking to @mondoshawan about it, people really don't need to make fancy sandwiches with costly fillings. I believe the secret is making something delicious with basic food ingredients and just partaking.
I'm glad to hear it's warming up by you, enjoy gardening snd hope you have a better week ahead my friend ♥️

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Thank you so much for your awesome support @anggreklestari and @foodiesunite, really appreciate it;)

This is too lovely to eat but I am sure your hungry man has already long devoured it.

You have done it @lizelle. You have put me back on avocados. I thought I was tired of looking at them everyday. After looking at them this way I just have to have some.

I'm sure you'll manage to make a gorgeous avo rose, I dare you;)

Haha challenge perhaps excepted

Aha I look forward to that!
Hubby really enjoyed this simple sandwich, thank you for the nice comments, I really appreciate it:)

Hope you're going to make a sandwich here as well?

I love both avo and egg, so yummi.

It's always a delicious duo not so, thanks for the visit;)

Ha, what a beauty again... i love it.

Glad you like it @mondoshawan, but I've put out a challenge to @carolynstahl to make a pretty avo rose and I hope that we'll get a sandwich from her as well;)

That would be awesome... looking forward the that! I may try an out of competition sandwich too.. just for the fun! We'll see. hehe

You have to make one to remind the sandwiteers;)

😊 i actually thought the other day, that we have "too much" most excellent and beautiful sandwiches, which are keeping folks away... just a feeling. Or most foodies look upon a sandwich as "poor" food... i don't really know, but somethings up. hmmm

I do believe you should have a rule that one can't win twice in a row like back on SSC? But people should realize it's the fun of participating and having the opportunity of getting one's posts' seen, not so?

Hmmm, i have always had problems with rules... 😁 and since it's only you for now. what would i do with the prize? hehe! And didn't we have some Hattricks on SSC, i got the impression we did... 🤔

The interest and engagement on hive is much lower as they say it is, imho. I see not that many humans like yourself, being here mostly for the fun of it, or just showing the beauty of every day life. And the real life issue, of more and more people always wanting everything, but not doing anything for it, is a part of that all, i guess.

We'll see where this is all going. For now i will continue to march until the sponsoring is coming to an end and then decide if it's worth going further. 🙃

Oh we did, I remember now it was with the cookwithus contest!
The reason I enter the contests is because we build up mini communities and there's much more engagement there, it's a pity not more see that it's part of growing here on the blockchain.
I'm sure though that there's going to be many last minute entries still;)

Your sandwich looks so delicious! It must be so with a ripe avocado! I love its bright colours and interesting way to serve. Bravo @lizelle!

Thank you @olgavita, but I'm still going to try and make that avo rose;) Appreciate your visit here!

I am sure you will succeed 😁. I want to try too but avocados from our shops are different I guess.

You should still try, I was quite happy with my twirl but the rose that the food blogger Lisa made, was absolutely gorgeous!

Your simple breakfast for the day has such wholesome goodness, a pity no one in my home eats avocado, once again I am on my own with this one.

No avo lovers in your home, all the more for you then Joan! Everyone here just love it so the avos don't last too long in our home.
Thank you for stopping by:)

That looks so delicious! You should publish a cookbook!

Ah thank you my friend, I'd love to do that and hubby's been saying the same but I don't have enough hours in the day and wouldn't know where to start!
Guess what arrived during the week, I was super excited and still need to do the Amazon review but with Mom needing attention I've put it on the back burner for now.


eBooks are usually the best route if you're going to self publish a book with a lot of color pictures. It's easier than you think, if you ever want to explore the process let me know. I can connect you with my book designer and he could give you a quote. He would take all of your text and pictures, format them in book form, and voila!

It arrived! Thanks so much for buying a copy and for writing a review. I hope you enjoy it. I'm sketching out a new novel now, I haven't been this excited about a story since Alarm Clock Dawn. I hope to finish the first draft before we can start traveling again. It'll be very interesting to see how it all transpires.

I also hope your Mom recovers and is able to get more mobile. My brother and I will be focusing on getting my Mom more stable on her feet this year. Just as soon as we can all get vaccinated.

Thank you so much for that advice Eric, I will certainly look at that soon. Our friend @sultnpapper's stopped nagging me about it so I'd better get myself into gear!
I'm sure Mom will make a good recovery, she has a remarkably strong will! Hoping you get the vaccine soon.
Is the medication Ivermectin available in your country? It's been proven to be a great prophylaxis as well as a cure for Covid, but treatment has to start at the onset to be effective. The big pharmas pushing the vaccine won't invest in more studies but studies done so far as well as patients that have survived Covid after taking this, are very positive.
Hope your Mom uses whatever aids she's meant to as a fracture is not good in old age!
Please keep warm and stay safe Eric, and thank you for writing your very well timed book!

You're welcome. Lol, Sult was nagging you too! It would pair so well with your hospitality business. People who've stayed with you would be a kind of a built-in market for the book. The vaccine for our age bracket looks a ways off yet, likely June or July. I haven't heard of Ivermectin but will have to research it. It seems like here they're just laser focused on the vaccine instead of therapeutics. My Mom fell over a year ago and by the time she realized the pain wasn't going away Covid hit and she was hesitant to go to the doctor for fear that they would want her to go into the hospital. It's finally warming up a bit here. 40 degrees (F) today! We still have over a month of winter left though, this is just a brief respite. Thanks again for buying a copy of the book and take care of yourselves over there!

My goodness, that is almost too pretty to eat! 😮 I have never seen an avocado sliced like that, and with the eggs on the side, that is such a colorful and wonderful-looking meal! Kudos! Now I am drooling! 😁

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I was trying to make an avo rose but it still looked pretty ;)
LOL sorry for tempting you like that @thekittygirl😉

I love avocados... and egg!!!
Insanely beautiful!

Thank you @silversaver, you & @thekittygirl really made my day, appreciate your nice comments. I had fun squashing the avos but couldn't get it to look like a rose :)

Half the fun is making it. I am going to make it this way... your way!
What a neat idea! I make it with four slices, that's it!