My BISS of January - Simply Tuna Salad Sandwich

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What never ever lets us down and always comes to the rescue when time has run away as it has the habit of doing, and we have hungry mouths to feed?

All that’s needed for this magical faithful old standby is two slices of bread, some butter and anything from cheese to tomato to cold meat to peanut butter, jam and so on and so on...

Of course you know exactly what I’m talking about here not so!

The Earl of Sandwich first invented it in the late 1700’s and it’s become everyone's favourite on the run meal known as the Sandwich!
I could not even begin to guess the number of sandwiches I've made for my family as a last minute light lunch or even supper when things are crazy!


Many of us have been feeling like this sign below ever since that horrid Virus which I refuse to name here, reared its ugly head and turned this old world of ours upside down.


Other ugly words that give us grey hairs are:

  • Lockdown and Sanitize

No need to explain any of those, but one thing Lockdown taught me, was to make do with what's in the refrigerator and the pantry and now even the veggie garden that's starting to yield tomatoes and peppers that the monkeys have no interest in, but we still have to monkey-proof the garden as they love things like beans and peas!

I guess I could say there has been some positive spin-offs coming from lockdown, as I have certainly been cutting down on wastage and learnt to enjoy the simpler things in life again; like a Simply Tuna Salad Sandwich!
Nothing fancy, nothing grand, but still simply delicious!

BISS Sign.jpg

I really hope this will satisfy the hungry mouths of the BISS - Blockchain's International Sandwich Squad! set up by the famous Sandwiteer @mondoshawan who makes the very best and most delicious sandwiches with all kinds of leftovers!

My sandwich was made for our young guest who requested a white bread sandwich; not my favourite bread I must add!
I used:

  • 2 slices White Bread
  • Canned Tuna, flaked
  • Diced Onion
  • Mayonnaise
  • Grated Cheddar Cheese
  • Cucumber, thinly sliced
  • Shredded Lettuce





Check out @mondoshawan's B.I.S.S. - Contest - January '21 for guidelines on how to enter, and I really hope to see some of the following foodies plus others that I may have forgotten to tag:
@carolynstahl, @ainee-kashif, @plantstoplanks, @mairimg0 , @adonisr, @sreypov and @isabelpena.

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Hi lizelle,

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Thank you so very much @curie, you guys are awesome, really appreciate your support!

That's great @lizelle! The old sandwich days brought back by @mondoshawan. Must get on board for some fun. Hey we need a sandwich from @jaybird. He must eat in between pounding on the keys all day long haha.

So true, we definitely need one of his famous manwiches, a man's gota have a break sometime or shall I say that poor piano needs a break;)
How about it @jaybird?

This is so AWESOME! Thanks a lot @lizelle for being awesome, for being a part of this and for your support and shout out...

Thank you for reviving this fun contest that used to be run by @jaybird on the good old bad now Steemit, hope to see more sandwiches;) I will always be thankful to him for the wonderful support back then as it was a nice kickstart to my blogging journey, I'm sure BISS is going to do the same for some newbies;)

hopefully, i'm all in for sharing all this awesomeness...

Thank you for your invitation friend @lizelle I will see what is about. Tha sandwich looks delicious. I love sandwich.

I do hope you enter, @mondoshawan is awesome!

That would be awesome for sure... pleased to meet you!

Hi @mondoshawan glad to meet you friend.

Wow !!! What a good contest! I loved it once hahaha. I'll participate, you'll see and thanks for the mention 💕

Hope to see your sandwich here as well @mairimg0, thanks for responding!

Hello @lizelle, a sandwich always is a good alternative when we don´t have time to prepare a great menu.
That sandwich looks spectacular. Thanks for the invitation. :)

Really hope to see your sandwich here, don't forget the BISS sign must be in one of the pics;)

That's good, for sure! 👏 😎

Thank you @seckorama!


One step closer to downloading sandwiches from the webs.
~@frankbacon to Kathe Hamberger lady @thealexjonesshow

Thank you for that @frankbacon, much appreciated!

The perfect sandwich to fulfill your lunch time appetite i love my tuna and tomato sandwich i am having one now what a coincidence to see 😉

Tuna's another faithful old standby not so;)
Thank you for stopping by @kohsamui99

My pleasure it's always handy to have around 👍