Vegan Pizza & Vino Rosso (Montepulciano) - Pimp Your Pizza

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Red,red wine...c'mon sing with me that UB40!😉

This one here is a Montepulciano, strong in taste, full of fruits. So normally i don't drink that much alcohol, but it was time to "kill" a nice bottle of red wine together with a "pimped" Pizza. I needed 3 days to consume the whole bottle, because i felt every glass🙃.In company you can finish the bottle in a evening...2 x 2 glasses 😉...



For the times you wanna do less in the kitchen, it's good to know what kind of products can be used, to keep up with our sophisticated, spoiled vegan taste...only using Mother Earths best ingredients. This hand-made vegan Pizza from Berlin for example...still supporting local business.😉



But i definitely wanna put some extra Veggies on this,on top of sunflower- & bean-mash and the spinach the pizza came with. Let's pimp this Pizza.

Before "Pizza-Pimping"....



After "Pimp your Pizza" with zucchini,cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and veggie-grill herbs 😀....



Into the oven...


And this is how "she" comes out of the oven...😋...the 8-10 minutes oven-time,they write on the packaging are a rather took 20-30 minutes with 250 degrees to come out like this:


Buon Appetito 🇮🇹

Thanks for stopping by!




looks delicious! especially the wine!

Many thanks!😊

Toppings make anything better than the original. A kind of escape from boredom. :)

Yes, so true! Gotta switch it up on the regular 😉.

Nice one, how are you not part of the !PIZZA crew with a post like that!

Oh bad!😀
So where's the Pizza community/crew?😄

Hey pizza are all over the shop but good place is discord are you on that?

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Love your Foodie post!

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Wow, those toppings made it even better, a truly mouth-watering pizza.

Many thanks for your feed back!😊

You're very much welcome (^_^)

Yum! Save some for me!

Ok, i will 😉

Oh you were stylin' hard on that pizza. Looks epically delicious. I just remembered I need to go downstairs to get some wine. I live above a wine store. I also live beside a pizza place that makes vegan pizza but it sucks.

It's too late but I will say anyway, buon appetito!

Many thanks @carolynstahl !😉

looks tasty! enjoy some virtual !PIZZA to go with it!

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Minus the fresh tomato on that !PIZZA I'm down

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Many thanks😉
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