A boarders Life.| Turning my leftover rice from last night into extraordinary rice for breakfast.

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Greetings food lovers,

It's @luckylaica again and today's recipe will be a leftover rice from last night.

As I've shared lately that I'm currently residing in a small boarding house because of the job I have right now. I have a lot of adjustments in my daily life. Before I use to cook a lot because I have a family to feed at home but now I'm lonely I only cook sometimes and I only use to buy my meal outside because it's so tired in the morning after my shift to do so and also I only have limit utensils to use.

Since last night I have had leftover rice and what I love about this specific rice is that it doesn't get bad easily so this morning I decided to make fried rice with egg after my shift because I don't want to waste food, so I drop by a mini store to buy the additional ingredients for my recipe.


Luckily when I arrived home I was surprised that one of my board mates who is a good friend of mine suddenly offer me a Kimchi for free since she purchase 2 tubs. I love kimchi so it made my day it happened that will be cooking fried rice so I decided to add kimchi to my ingredients.


So upon preparing my ingredients I first break the leftover rice then I prepared the ingredients which are the following: egg, oyster sauce, soy sauce, seasoning, ground pepper, garlic, and onions.


First is that I beat the egg then seasoned and fried it first and set it aside.


In the same pan after I removed the egg I sauteed the garlic and onions and followed with the leftover rice I stirred it for a moment and then I seasoned it with a little bit of soy sauce, oysters sauce, and ground peppers for this I don't use salt since I already use soy sauce which is already salty. The next step is to stir again so the seasoning will distribute evenly after that, I followed the fried egg and the slices of kimchi and stir for about one minute.

And tadddda my extraordinary leftover fried rice is done! It was really delicious and I cooked it with love, fortunately, this is not the planned fried rice but thanks to my friend who give me the kimchi so now my fried rice went to the next level!




I only eat them alone with no viand at all and I was very full after. So after satisfying the food I cooked I guess I need to rest now because tonight will be another painful moment for us working on a BPO company.

So thank you so much again to those who take the time to read my content. I wish everyone is well and happy every day. See you again in my next food recipe.


I often do like this way for leftover. Add more veggies from your garden Will make it awesome ❤️

Me too when I'm at home but sadly vegetables here are too expensive that's why I occasionally use too many veggies because it's gonna cost me my viand already.

You must really miss your family. Hugs to you. I love kimchi and rice!

Thanks, @riverflows. I went home last weekend but I usually missed them every day 😢. Anyway thanks for liking my recipe.


Thank you.

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Keep doing the great job po ❤️


Okay lang po. Salamat sa pangumusta. Maraming salamat din sa supporta. Cge po epa follow ko po fb nyo.

Looks yummy! The best way to make fried rice is to use leftover rice!😋

HAHaHa, thank you. That's right leftover rice is the best for fried rice.😁


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I do the same. Hehehe..
But yours is more delicious to look at. Hehehe..
I haven't tried making fried rice with kimchi. I hope it tastes a bit of sweet. I so like sweet viand or any other recipes. Hehe

Thanks! Try to make this recipe. It's not sweet since kimchi is kind of sour but with the right season, I'm sure you will like it.

Thanks for suggesting.☺️

You're welcome 😊.

divine this recipe

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