Making Gourmet Yakisoba From Instant Yakisoba

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Initially, I was craving jjajangmyeon. I wanted to eat something savoury and noodle based. ; since I can't find instant jjajangmyeon that I can experiment on, I bought instant yakisoba.


Instant yakisoba wasn't available in the convenience store ten years ago, at least as far as I remember. But these days, a small section is selling instant yakisoba, Japanese ramen, and Korean ramen. What I like about these instant ramen is the natrium content that is relatively lower than Indomie or other Indonesian noodle products.

This instant yakisoba I bought has a takoyaki flavour. When I opened it, there are only two seasoning packets. One is powdered seasoning, and the other is oil seasoning. So, since that is lacking in protein and vegetables, I decided to give it a makeover. On the side, I also cook clear tofu soup with seaweed to accompany this instant gourmet yakisoba.


Now, let me show you how to make a gourmet yakisoba!



Shredded carrot
Chopped pok choi
Chopped leeks
Two seaweeds
Sesame seed oil
Chicken nugget (optional)


Cook the instant yakisoba based on the instruction in the packet.
Turn on the stove and saute the shredded carrot using sesame seed oil in low heat.
Drain the yakisoba and place them inside the stove alongside the carrot. Stir them together for 3 minutes.
Pour the powdered flavouring into the mixture. Stir it well.
Serve while it is hot with seaweed and also chicken nugget.

Another thing you can add is clear tofu soup with seaweed. This recipe is also simple to make and also low-cost.



Chopped leeks, the lower part
2ml sesame oil
200ml water
Two seaweed


Dice the tofu.
Boil 200ml water.
Add chopped leek, only the white part. You can add the green part at the end.
Give salt and also sesame oil.
Add tofu and let it cook.
Then add the seaweed into the mixture.

Serve it on a tray, and you have a gourmet experience but inexpensive. This recipe is also a good meal in the bear market. Instead of just eating the same ramen all day, add some vegetables to it. You'll probably be a bit healthier. When you make gains later, you can order actual gourmet food.





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I forget what the ramen brand that I bought some day ago 😂 still in my shopping bag

Im craving now. that’s spicy?

No, that one isn't spicy. In fact, it was sweet!

I guess the instant yakisoba is noodles.
Cos i think we have instant noodles here too and almost cooked exactly the same way as you did yours. Well you could cook it directly or you can add the extras.

yes, basically yakisoba is the japanese word for instant fried noodle. I heard in Nigeria you have indomie. That's actually different type of noodle than Japanese noodles and even the Korean noodle. I think the texture that would be a bit close to Indomie/Indonesian noodle is Korean noodle than Japanese or chinese noodles.

You're Right. The Korean noodle, "guksu" is the closest to imdomie we've got here 😅

Yep see :D we don't have guksu though but there's a lot of variants that we have and it's closer to Indomie than the Japanese noodles which is thinner than Korean and Indonesian noodle.

Love your Foodie post!

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This recipe is also a good meal in the bear market.

Hahhhhahaha love the spirit, I'm always in a bear market.
Yakisoba is the best. I just throw chicken, carrots, and all the rest of the stuff whose names I don't know and plimm instant healthy meal. Never tried the seaweeds though. I wanna try to replace the chicken for shrimps one day (gotta take advantage that I'm in my mom' place while I recover hah)

Oh that's actually a great addition, shrimp than chicken. You should try adding seaweed. How's the book coming along?