My Best Grilling Tips for You to Use

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I know people love to grill out when the weather is warm enough and the conditions are just right. I'm one of those people. I love food that's cooked out on the grill. Fixing it on a grill inside isn't the same as an outside one. These are my tips to help you have a better grilling experience.

Grilling Tip Number One: Chicken

When it comes to chicken, grilling, and making sure it's all done and done at the same time, cut it up if you're using a whole chicken or chicken and thighs together. Why? Grilling a whole chicken takes longer than a cut up bird.

Leave the skin on when it comes to grilling. It protects the meat from burning and drying out while cooking.

If you must do a beer butt chicken on the grill, make sure you have a grill that has a tall enough lid so it doesn't fall over when closing the lid. After all, it would be a waste of beer and bird when the fire or charcoal goes out.


Grilling Tip Number Two: Briquettes

Stack the briquettes high in the middle of the pan in the bottom of the grill. You don't want them so high they are tough the grate . Doing that will cause your meat and other foods to burn.

Once lit, let the fire burn down and turn the coals white or grayish color. This allows for an even cooking space for your food.

Grilling Tip Three: Foil and the Grate

When covering the grate with foil, poke holes with a fork in various spots in the foil. It will help with even cooking and getting the flavor we all know with using briquettes. It also helps with keeping the air circulating inside the grill.

Also, using foil on the grate helps with cleanup or not having to clean the grate before using if you're barbecuing at a park or the lake using their grills.

Grilling Tip Four: Be Liberal With The Sauce

A really good piece of meat, especially a side of ribs, needs plenty of barbecue sauce. You can mop it on during the whole grilling time. You can wait until the last half hour or so, but make sure you put plenty of it on the ribs. The same goes for hamburgers too. What if you don't want the barbecue sauce on your meat? That's fine and dandy. If you're going to marinade, give yourself plenty of time for whatever you're grilling to marinade the meat of your choice like the chicken I mentioned at the beginning.

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