Veggie Snacks for Kids

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You know your little ones won't touch their veggies right? Well, what if they didn't know they were eating them? A kinda undercover veggie controversy that only you as the mom can plan. That's not as difficult to do as it used to be, mainly due to the new varieties of great snacks and other food items that have are available currently. Here's some sneaky ways for getting kids to eat veggies that they don't even know they're eating. With these veggie snacks for kids, you actually stand a chance of getting some veggies into them.


Peapod Crisps

Transforming peapods into airy crisps was a great idea as far as I'm concerned. Not only are some of my kids loving these things, but the older girls are buying them on their own??! Wow, who'da thought? I was so impressed by this, I tried them myself and have no problem seeing why that is the case. These crispy transformed peapods are a great salty snack with nutrition in mind.

Veggie Stix and Veggie Chips

You probably won't get the complaints about veggies you'd normally get with these tasty varieties of veggie chips. You can find these in more grocery snack aisles than not these days. That's great, because they include veggies like spinach, tomato, and sweet potato just for starters. My kids love these and ask for them when they know I'll be shopping.

Rice Crackers with Veggies

You'll be able to sneak some red pepper or carrots into your kids by way of many varieties of rice crackers that currently adorn many a store shelf. Some of the rice crackers are of the white rice variety, and some are made with brown rice, which adds a bit more fiber. The key thing is the great taste these crackers have, along with some veggie content to get your kids engaged in eating them.

Veggie Pasta

Try some spinach pasta for a serving of spinach that they'll more likely be asking about seconds with. We already know that wouldn't happen with steamed spinach right? If you need even more disguising techniques to get this past some of your kids, apply the tomato or other sauce over the pasta before serving. You'll have more of a fighting chance in getting the veggie pasta into them if the color is skewed by the sauce.

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