Pizza is love.

Pizza, pizza, pizza, how we can love without pizza?

I think pizza is one of the best dish in the world. I love it in every way and I bet that pizza exist everywhere .
I love to ear pizza but also to cook it.

I cook it with many kind of dough not only po type, but also with Manitoba or kanut or cereal dough.

Are all tasty and some less heavy.

But there are also many strange kind of pizza in the works, the Hawaiian with a ananas, a strawberry pizza oixza with chocolate or chips.

The original one it with only tomatoes and mozzarella and it was created in Naples Italy.

Here in Italy pizza is one of the most eated food at all.



You can eat it with a lot of ingredients, meat, vegetables of any kind, mushrooms etc...

I think pizza is awesome and it's a good thing to share, it's a easy food to share and it's good for lunch, dinner or just for a snack.

I truly love pizza and you?

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