Purple carbage cream.


The purple cabbage is not very well known but this season there are many here in the mountains. To see it it seems almost painted by how strong its color is.
The taste it's similar to the green garbage but a little bitter.
For making the cream the recipe is simple and quite fast.
You just need a very big carbage, a spoon of salt, four spoon of extra virgin oils, cooking cream and parmisan cheese.



You need to cut the carbage in little pieces, in the same time prepare a pot with a spoon if oil and a fryig pan with a spoon of oil.

Put the carbage pieces in the pan and fry them a bit.
Than put it in the pot, put in the pot also the cooking cream and use the mixer for mix or until the cooking cream and the carbage are well mixed, still cook with fire at middle flame and don't stop to mix them with a spoon until it became all homogeneous.
When it's enough hot and homogeneous add a spoon of salt and a spoon of oil than the cream will be ready.

If you like you can add on it parmisan cheese or spices.

It's really a simple recipe, useful for the winter time and also healthy because garbage contains a lot of vitamins and help our body against cold and flu.

And it's also tasty!!!

Try it!

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it looks... delicious :D