How is your disposition?

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Very tired? Very angry? Or maybe anxious?

Sometimes we forget that our mood, disposition or lack of it are the result of chemical reactions in our body and that we can exercise great control over these reactions through the substances we eat. Sleep or "wake up" remedies resolve quickly but leave a trail of destruction and side effects on your beautiful little body.

This is because the remedies act like a foreign body that forces a chemical reaction in your body. Let's use a metaphor; imagine your body as a child who only reacts to situations without understanding, that child is very accelerated and euphoric because her mother (mind) is very angry or very frightened. A sleeping remedy would be like hitting the child's head so hard that she just extinguishes, violent that!

While you could have a very potent tea while paying attention to your breathing, it would be like soothing the child until he falls asleep peacefully.

Our body assimilates natural substances better, like herbs especially fresh herbs that are living substances.

I leave here two recipes that are like a gift that will be like caressing your body inside, promoting relaxation and comfort for those who need to rest and disposition and vitality for those who need to wake up; )

Juice to relax

Prepare two cups of chamomile tea, strain the tea, and put it in a blender with the hoops and passion fruit leaves then just stir it and add honey and ice. Drink slowly this is your moment of care and self-love.

Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory substances, passion fruit contains alkaloids and flavonoids that work as an analgesic and muscle relaxant.


Juice to "wake up"

Put an apple, a banana, two tablespoons of oats, a tablespoon of raisin and two cups of water in the blender, then just beat, add ice if you want. Enjoy the taste and notice the nutritious gift that your body is receiving.

Oats contain large amounts of tryptophan, which is essential in the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, apples are detoxifying, and bananas contain tryptophan is an excellent food for good intestinal bacteria. The proper functioning of the intestine is crucial for a good disposition.

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