Harvest Time: My First Batch of Kombucha Brew 🍶

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A week has gone by and my first batch of kombucha is ready!

You can check how I set it up the scoby and read a little bit about what kombucha is and why it’s good for you in my previous post: Homemade Kombucha Tea.



As you can see on the two photos above, a new layer of scoby grew on top of the liquid that consists of black tea and some sugar.


That’s how the new cellulose mat that hosts bacteria and yeast looks like when you remove it before draining the kombucha tea. Ugly!

I had to make sure that my hands were squeaky clean before handling it - nobody wants it to get contaminated with other bacteria that could spoil the ecosystem in the jar.


I placed all the layers of the scoby to the bottom of the jar after draining the tea, and poured just a little bit from the old batch back into the jar before adding the cooled black tea that I prepared.


To make the taste a bit more interesting, I mixed some cherry flavoured tea into this fresh batch and it turned out delicious - and I’m not saying this just because it’s mine.




Looks good. Congratulations!

Thanks! I hope it stays alive :)