A delicious recipe with Leftover chapatis or Paranthas!😋

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Hello! Hope all are doing well.

I am from middle class family. And I was raised like- donot waste food, clothes, water and whatever we use in our daily life. So from childhood I have the habit not to waste a single thing. Money is very hard to get. We have to do hard work and then the money will come in our hand. And by that money we are buying our things, our food, clothes, daily basic things . So we shouldn't waste.

Thats my mother never wasted anything intentionally. And My Mother used to make recipes from leftover things like- rice, chapati, curry, bread, snacks and many more. She has almost all the ideas how to use them in different different variations. So, in my today's blog I am sharing her recipe from Leftover Chapatis/Rotis or paranthas. We can make this recipe with leftover rotis. Sometimes we make more chapatis at home, and we wonder what to make without wasting it. So here is the recipe guys and you will love this recipe.😍

1.leftover chapati/parantha/roti/ puri- (whatever quantity you have) I am using 6 Chapatis.
2.onions-1 cup
3.Green chilies-2
4.chopped potatoes-½ cup
5.carrots-½ cup
6.capsicum-½ cup
7.cauliflower -½ cup
8.french beans-½ cup and capsicum- ½cup
9.curry leaves- 5 leaves
10.oil- 2tbspn

Note- you can use any vegetables of your choice which is available in your kitchen like broccoli 🥦, mushrooms, bellpepperes, peas etc


1.redchili powder-½ tbspn
2.turmeric powder-½tbspn
3.salt- according to taste
4.garam masala-½ tbspn
5.mustard seeds- ½tbspn
6.cumin seeds- ½tbspn
7.asodedita- ½tbspn
8.tomato ketchup- half cup.
9.curd-½ cup.


1.chopped all the veggies.

2.heat Mustard oil or oleeve oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilies and asofedita.
And onions.

3.now add all the chopped veggies.

4.stir them.

5.now add spices. Turmeric, salt, redchilie powder, garam masala.

6.stir them and let them cook in meduim flame for 10 mins.

7.meanwhile cut the chapatis with scissors ✂️ in long strips.

8.add garam masala and sabji masala.

9.now add yogurt and tomato ketchup. Sprinkle some water.

10.stir them well. And cover for 5 mins and off the flame.

11.its ready to serve now. Transfer in a serving plate and have it Hot!

I hope you will like this recipe.
All the photos and content are mine.
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Stay connected...with love ❤..takecare...


My first thing seeing this kind of dish because I am a Nigerian and it’s rare to see this kind of dish at our place. The dish looks delicious and you did a great job with the cooking.

It's very common in dish in India.Almost every one in India prepare this dish. Thankz for visiting my blog!😊

First I like your recipe very much. And your words, there are really many of us who waste a lot of things every day, which we shouldn't. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

Thankz for liking my recipe and I agree with you that we should not waste the foods.😊

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Hi @preeti! I would like to see more of the environment where you cook and serve your food. This gives the photos more aesthetics and allows us a better appreciation of the recipe. I would also like you to appear in the photos preparing your dishes. Thanks.