Quarantine charcoal grilled chicken 2.0! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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Life's so complicated when in quarantine...specially for all the 'house chefs' out there!

You can't find all the ingredients/products you need to make your dishes...your favorite spice is finished...the stores are closed...
but you still have to prepare food to feed everyone at home! Isn't it!?


Today I found myself in this situation...not the first time btw!


Decided to make some charcoal grill chicken...but had just a little quantity of charcoal...how to do!?? Hmmm!

What to do!?!

Check out how I managed with that little charcoal and got all the chicken thighs well grilled!

When there's a will there's a way! βœ…

Quarantine charcoal grilled chicken 2.0!

ps. This is just the charcoal without the chicken!Lol!

So instead of grilling the chicken on charcoal for a long time...I decided to pre-cook them in the oven first!

  1. Cut open the thighs as you can see below, eliminate that big bone on the side - Will help cook quicker! πŸ˜‰


Marinate as you like, I went for garlic paste, salt, tandoori spice, bbq spice, pepper and little olive oil.

  1. Cover with aluminum foil and put in oven at 165Β°C for about 12 minutes!

  2. After 12 minutes, this is how the thighs will look like, nearly cooked!

  3. Complete the cooking on that little charcoal to get the amazing smoky flavor!


While the chicken were cooking...

I gathered all the bits of fruits and salads that were lying there in the fridge looking for some mouths to enjoy them!!!😁😁😁

I cleaned and cut them to get that sexy look!

Then for the salad dressing, I simply pressed the rest of the oranges, put the juice in a bowl, added salt and pepper + a spoon of mustard paste + Olive oil.

Whisk well until consistency of a vinaigrette!


Et voilΓ 

Final steps were to bake the breads and fry the French fries! (sounds weird...fry the french fries, nah!?)

And just like that...Dinner was ready!




Bon apetit my friends !

Spent less than an hour in the kitchen preparing this little dinner!

Prepared for 12 people in all...everyone was super happy! 😊😊😊

Hope you like it same as we all enjoyed
eating it!!!

If you have any questions on anything concerning food, simply drop me a msg...will be a pleasure helping you out from my end!

Wish you well!
Stay blessed


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Looks perfect and so delicious chef.

Oh thanks so much for appreciating the food my friend!
Oh yes...we need to adapt when not having the quantity of products needed...in the end the chicken was sooo yummy!

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My Mama used to pre-cook ribs, by boiling them first on the stove, then applying bbq sauce and broiled in the oven (ours was never much for charcoal cooking, now over an open fire was a different matter entirely)
All that looks so yummy @progressivechef

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Just by mentioning ribs...you got me salivating man!
Anything cooked on wood fire/charcoal taste amazingly different. I enjoy visiting my families in the villages here in Mauritius...mainly for eating!! As many of the villagers still cook on charcoal...the charm is something else!

Thanks so much for stopping by my friend!
Stay well!

One of my Hive/Facebook friends lived on Mauritius, and I was SOOOO envious. I actually looked into moving there permanently, but the island is quite restrictive. I was sad.
Now she and her hubby have moved back to SA, because of the poor economy post pandemic.

I'm glad to be following each other. Have a great day @progressivechef

Oh yes...that Covid19 thing is killing everything over here my friend.
We depend a lot on tourism...and for more than a year now...all hotels and restaurants are closed.
Hoping for the best soon...as i am also in the restaurant business and is hit so hard...

Glad to be connected!

I am happy to know you as well my friend. Do you know @dkkarolien? She is the expat I referred to, she and her hubby are now back in SA

Her face looks like I've seen her somewhere on the island or maybe on steemit some years back...
Mauritius ia such a small island...and I was working for nearly 6 yrs in the north where she used to live...so maybe!
Sad that they went back to SA!

Yes, when my disability came through and I finally had a decent nestegg and a rather increased income, and being dismayed with the way my country is heading. I seriously considered finding another home, completely divesting myself from the USA, and Mauritius looked SO enticing.
She helped put me in touch with some FB groups, I made inquiries, I looked at the gov't schemes (which that very word has some unsavory connotations to me, implying something underhanded was going on; "He Schemed to get her money from her")
It was all so complicated, I just gave up. I now own a home here with 1.6 acres of land, 3 bds, 2 baths, a garage, a tool shed, another shed for lawn equipment, and a separate free standing building constructed for a Band to practice in.
That is becoming my Studio. So I guess I'm stuck, with whatever hell the US Gov't is cooking up.
Nice chatting @progressivechef. Do let's keep in touch