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RE: With Growth comes Challenges. - Latest challenge >> Plagiarization !

I have a question, I was about to publish a Post in your community and I decided to wait a few more days when I read the rules, I understand that non-own content is considered plagiarism, that said, my Post was going to be about indigenous gastronomy of my Country and What is its relationship with world gastronomy, although it is original content because I will design and write it according to my knowledge about it, I do not have all the related images and surely I would have to use some of the internet placing their respective source of course. Would that be okay or would plagiarism be considered as well?


Hi @randomproject123, That would not be considered plagiarism. Quoting with attributes, images with proper sourcing or credit is all good (unless the images are rights managed) i.e You can't use an image from commercial sources, like Getty and just say "source Getty Images" as those images are rights managed. That will get you in trouble.

The other thing we see a lot of is direct translations of posts or Internet articles. Unless it's yours or you have the explicit rights to it, that would be considered plagiarism.

Hope that helps. Feel free to pop into Discord or post more questions here.

To perfect then, because I sometimes take photos from the internet, logically citing them and the writing is entirely my own, it is a summary of all the research that I basically do. I already feel much calmer to post. Thanks a lot :)