Veggie Power - How to Enjoy Their Raw Side

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Some veggies are harder than others and can be difficult to digest such as carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli or cabbage.

To make them easier on the stomach, I like to grate carrots and beetroot finely which also tastes so much better in my opinion. For veggies like broccoli and cauliflower I like to cut them and and put them into the freezer. If needed for dinner, I take them out in the morning and let them defrost over the day. This softens them and makes a great salad topping or raw soup base.

But most of the time I like to focus on softer toppings instead like savoury fruits - tomatoes, zucchini, bell pepper or cucumber. Yes, these actually belong to the group of fruits and are much juicier and easier to digest than vegetables. Ever tried zucchini or cucumber noodles? This is a great way to ditch the dinner salad once in a while and enjoy some pasta without any heavy stomach afterwards.

Nevertheless, leafy greens should be a regular thing, since they are just so powerful in their health benefits.

As salad toppings, veggies still have their place in my raw diet. And to facilitate the digestion even more I actually preferable in form of freshly pressed juices. Ever tried a carrot-beetroot juice with apple and ginger? So delicious!

What’s your favourite veggie for raw salads? Do you also prefer softer toppings?

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Enjoy your day, everyone! Anais

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Hi! I really appreciate your posts. You are very inspiring ❤
I like finely chopped carrots, I put them in a salad with some walnuts, tomatoes, chia seeds and apples. The taste is very good!
Have a nice day, greetings from Italy :)

Thank you so much, Delilha! That sounds like such a powerful mixture and so delicious as well.

Greetings back to Italy from Far North Queensland :)

Haha, but i'd still love cauliflower

Do you also like to eat it raw or rather cooked? ;)

Raw whenever possible :)

Awesome!! You go for it :)

Thanks for sharing this. I like Mango, I have a big tree in my compound. I like apples, carrot and orange too.

Beautiful! Mangoes are amazing, whenever they are in season I eat them the whole day :D Great choice ;)

Here is the mango season in India and we have several delicious varieties of mangoes to relish.
Raw food is always awesome!

Oh delicious! I miss mangoes a bit since here in Australia the season was very short and now there are no good ones available. Eat some for me as well :D