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Fruit is amazing - such healing powers, easy to digest, gives us readily-available energy and just so delicious! But also eating a lot of greens helps us get all the wide spectrum of nutrients for longterm health and vibrancy. They are rich with vital minerals and proteins that are more difficult to get from eating just fruits.

Let me show you how you can easily include more greens into your meals to top up your daily nutrients:

MORNING HYDRATION: 1 liter filtered water with lemon juice

BREAKFAST: 1 1/2 creamy papaya

LUNCH: Nicecream of 8 frozen bananas, 3 cups spinach and raspberries sauce made of 1 cup raspberries and water

HYDRATION: 1 liter fresh thyme tea

SNACK: 1 papaya with 2 cups arugula and a handful of blueberries

DINNER: Big bowl of mixed lettuce, arugula, grated carrots, nori topped with sauce made of 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp tahini, cucumber, spinach, lemon, cayenne

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As you can see, you can easily add greens to your smoothies, nicecream, dinner sauces and blend them all up to get in more of those vibrant plants. Usually the taste doesn’t changes a lot (unless you add bitter greens) so that you still enjoy the full sweet or savory flavours you love!

And how delicious is papaya with berries and arugula - this bitter and crunchy green combines so well with the sweet creamy papaya and the slight sourness of the berries. A DREAM!

🌿If you are looking for more ways to learn to love your greens, check out my new recipe ebook RAW VEGAN ABUNDANCE with delicious plant-based recipes for your taste buds and longterm health.

Enjoy your greens, everyone! Anais

💫 And if you want daily inspiration about raw food, vibrant nutrition, holistic health and conscious lifestyle - check out my Instagram account or the Raw Expansion website.

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Yes I agree we all could do with more greens in our diet and there are so many ways in which to do just that, thanks so much for sharing how you do it. What a wonderfully nutritious day you have xxx

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Thank you so much! My pleasure, it can be so much fun to play around with them.

Fuelled by plants ;)

@rawadventuress it's quite good to eat healthy and going green is the best way. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Happy to hear that it helped you!! :) Health is wealth - I feel that when we are super healthy (physical, emotional, mental), we can tackle any other challenge in life with so much more ease.

You are right!

Raw green is the best / healthiest.
But fruits,too... just got fresh strawberries :)

Yummie! Enjoy the goodness. Once I started to live in the beautiful tropics, berries haven't been available in such an abundance any more :D Yes, raw greens are so important for longterm health and there are so many delicious ways to include them ;)

Where in the tropics do you live?

In Far North Queensland right now, before that in Bali, Kuala Lumpur and some time in Nepal. ;)

Nice :)

Best #vegan post I've read all day. I'm getting hungry just reading about it, and I had a late lunch. Anyway, the photos helped. :)

Thank you so much, Juan! So my mission is accomplished - making people hungry for the healthy stuff :D Hopefully there were some greens in your lunch as well ;)

Unfortunately, the only fresh veggies that I had were cucumbers I added to a sandwich. Maybe it counts... :)

Well, every piece cucumber is a win :D Maybe next time you get to add a few more to your lunch ;)

Thanks. I'm going to the market later to get some fresh supplies, hopefully they have good stocks onhand.

Sounds great!! I am sure you will find some fresh goodies ;)

I did @rawadventures. I even wrote a post about it yesterday. Stay safe... :)

Happy to hear that, I will check it out ;)